Chase Home Mortgage / cheating customers

Everett, WA, United States

When I went to my local Chase bank and asked about current interest rate on a 15 year fixed mortgage I was first told a lower rate than what they would give me and was baited to begin the process by a $495 processing fee reduction if we belonged to a union. I was excited that the rates were lower than I had and the fees were lower than I expected. So I said lets see an estimate of total costs to get the new loan. I already have my home mortgage with them and do all my banking with them so I thought it would be very easy to get it done. Boy was I wrong. The estimate settlement charges was to be $3700. Although the loan process has changed since I last refinanced the process to get from the start to the closing documents was long and drawn out. I provided all they asked for in a timely manor but after 56 days they finally said we were ready to close but we did not qualify for the loan discount fee they baited me with in the beginning. I asked why and was told that while we were union members we did not belong to the right type of union. (AFL-CFL). This was never disclosed that this was required at the initial meeting. The loan officer even sent me an e-mail saying that she was going to honor the pricing quoted. when the settlement statement was prepared the the fee was now $595. They would not honor the quote. They also inflated the final estimated settlement charges to $6500. There was no way I was going to allow this without explanation. I sent an e-mail per the request of the senor loan manager with detailed charged that needed to be explained. Instead of answering my questions they just responded to one or two questions and cited policy legal fine print. they also stated that I needed to sign right away as there were up against a deadline. This only frustrated me further. I responded that this was not an acceptable response and I would not be closing my loan with them. I have yet to get an explanation to the charges and how the process went so wrong. I have contacted the manager by e-mail and have received no response back. I have called the number on the web site to file a complaint at a higher level and was told they would be contacting me next week. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes they can help settle the dispute.
My final settlement charges should have be less than $4000 plus payoff. They tried to cheat me and would not explain the differences between the estimated charges and the final settlement statement.

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