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Chase Home Loan / uninformed customer service

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We had a home loan with WaMu for almost five years, until WaMu went under and was overtaken by Chase. We received a letter from Chase in regards to changes in terms on our ARM home loan that was just downright unsettling. Phrases like "no cap on monthly payment" were used and having heard of so many bad practices from Chase recently (and experiencing problems with a Chase credit card) I was very concerned about what they were intending to do - legal or not.

I attempted to call the Customer Service number provided on the letter, only to reach a never ending que of pushing numbers, none ever leading to my query. I hung up, called back and tried a procedure my teenage son has suggested - randomly pushing keys on the phone pad until I get an operator, which worked! I was transferred to a call center where the person answering kept repeating "Hello, this is Tony. How may I help you?" It sounded automated and after saying this three times, and me trying to answer, the voice said "I cannot hear you and will hang up now." Frustrated, I decided to turn to email.

I have contacted Chase three times via email, first two requests never being acknowledged and the third being answered with a statement to the effect that due to high volumes of email requests, they are unable to answer our questions at this time. No alternative for obtaining information is offered and no timeline for when they might be able to answer our questions is offered. This left me no option but calling the 800 number again. I actually found this site in an effort to locate an alternative phone number for calling into Chase!

So, my phone call today consisted of nearly two hours of my time. The first two customer service reps I go spoke such poor English, I hung up and called back. The third person I got was obviously giving erroneous information and as I pointed out that this could not possibly be correct, he became agitated, though I could only hear this in his tone, not his words. When I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, I was put on hold for 15 minutes - no music and at no time did he come back to say he was working on the issue. At long last, he got back on line and said his escalation person (new phrase for supervisor) was unavailable but had confirmed my understanding of the terms of the loan were correct. When I pressed him to acknowledge his mistake and lack of knowledge, he would only say he apologized for any misunderstanding I had of what he was explaining to me! Utter rubbish, he knew he was wrong, but refused to say so.

I was not confident with additional information he gave me and when I asked him to look up the actual loan documents that were assumed from my loan with WaMu, he said he was not able to do this. So I called back a third time.

On the third call, I got a woman and told her immediately that if I were put on hold, I wanted her to come back and check in with me periodically. I told her I did NOT want to be disconnected for any reason and that I wanted all of my questions answered, even if meant waiting on hold for a supervisor. She was very polite, used a hold button with music (which I must say was blaring loud but at least confirmed I was still on hold) and actually looked up my loan documents per my request.

Upon finding them, I was told I would be charged $10 per page for the copies to be mailed to me and I declined, asking her to verify certain pieces of information from the documents (which I already had and knew exactly what I wanted to confirm). She did this, I was correct in what the terms are, if Chase is going to try to institute other terms I will contact a lawyer. I suspect they just have very untrained people manning their customer service lines and it took me a total of seven attempts to finally get someone that could answer my questions.

What I have learned that might help other Chase customers:
1) to get to a live operator, push multiple buttons on your phone while listening for the moment when your call is being transferred
2) tell the rep up front that you do not want to be on hold indefinitely and that you want them to confirm periodically they are working on your call if you are put on hold - this seems to speed up the process
3) if you need information you do not feel like you are receiving, keep calling back because I believe they have some way of tracking the number of times there has been an inquiry and they will ultimately be forced to address your issues/questions
4) If given questionable answers/info, call back and keep calling until you get a rep you can understand. I am all for integration and humanity being one, but I should not have to try to speak to someone who has such a thick accent we are unable to communicate about something as important as my home loan. I miss WaMu.

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  • Ga
      17th of Feb, 2010
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    I've been dealing with Chase on a mortgage loan and they are impossible. I agree that their customer service is horrible even when you do reach a live person which takes a lot of patience and time on the phone. I have never received follow-up phone calls from them and have always had to chase them down to get an answer. I was told on the phone in early January that we were turned down for some assistance with our mortgage and that we would be receiving a letter with an explanation. It is February 16th - I'm still waiting.

  • El
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    I am a Realtor in the San Fernando Valley. I represent distressed homeowner that have been turned down for a loan modification and still want to avoid foreclosure by short selling their home.

    I too have had the unfortunate experience of working with Chase for several clients. Right now, as I write this, I've been on hold for more than an hour.

    I was able to successfully negotiate an approval from Chase on a short sale, are you impressed? Don't be! The approval that I finally received is absolutely useless! Chase holds a 1st and 2nd on the subject property. They sent me an approval on the first only!!! I have called at least twice a day for 3 weeks (the approval is now about to expire) to get help with resolving the 2nd. I have received no call backs. I was given the supervisors direct phone number, and I have left messages for her every day for a week, and still no call back.

    It is paralyzing and frustrating when the entities that hold all the strings will not even acknowledge you let alone pretend to help you. At lease the other banks pretend to help.

    I have successfully closed at least 60 short sales, so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing, but if you can't talk to anyone, then there is just nothing that can be done.

    If anyone out there has a good alternative phone number, please post it!!!

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