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Chase Home Finance / fraudulent practices

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As a single and uneducated woman as far as mortgages are concerned, I refinanced my home (33 years here) to get money for college for my kids, pay off bills, get a decent vehicle so I could get to work. I did this with a referral to a supposed honest company. Well, it wasn't Great Day Lending aka Good Day Lending took the initial paper, charged me outrageous fees, and then in 90 days sold to Peoples Finance. Chase "services" my loan. Their service has included forcing me to give them a tracking number and check number even though I told them I always go to the local Chase branch and pay cash for the mortgage payments. They insisted on the personal information, then said they promised not to deposit the check, and told me to call in teller number and receipt information, which I did.

They deposited my check anyway, and of course, the money wasn't in the account as I had told them it would not be. I pay cash at the branch. Had to go through hell and incur fees because of their error.

Also, they applied "their insurance" when they said I had no coverage. I pay my homeowners a year at a time. They have refused to reimburse for that charge.

My interest rate adjusted, and I immediately began the process of working on this through modification programs. They promised both myself and the group that has rescue funds they would not file foreclosure documents while I was in the process of the modification. They filed anyway, racking up legal fees, embarrassing me by having the Sheriff bring the papers, and upsetting me to the point that I didn't know if I was going to be thrown out or what. My 78 year old mother had to sign for the papers while I was working. The group that has the funding also contacted Chase to remind them that they said they would withhold filing foreclosure until a decision was made on the modification.

They granted me the modification, would not adjust paperwork to allow for a $3000.00 contribution payment I could have received from this group even after I called and asked them to explain why they would not want a $3000.00 payment instead of $695.00 which is what they asked for. The $3000.00 would have benefited both Chase and me.

I received modification papers that had incorrect dates on them. They asked for the good faith payment by January, then called in November and asked where the payment was. I read from the documents they sent, they realized there was an error and gave me two weeks to get the money, keeping in mind I should have had until mid-January.

I had an appointment with the group handing the rescue funds and drove through a blizzard while on duty for my job...taking twin 8-month old babies to make sure the documents were notarized and Fedexed to arrive on time. The AKron group notarized all documents and enclosed "their" check and Fedexed the package.

They also told me that the good faith payment "had to be there" by the time the first regular payment was due...which was January.

Regardless, I knew the modification and check had been sent. I didn't hear anything from Chase regarding the new payment amount so I contact them. They first indicated they didn't get the modification back. The Akron group called and they said they got the mod but not the check, then they said they got it all, but at wrong address.

The Akron group, which has been helping thousands of people with these rescue funds, got an address from someone at Chase and mailed to documents and check. They mailed it to AZ when if should have gone to CA.

It arrived by the date they wanted it, just at another Chase location used by the Akron group.


Now they will take the $3000.00 to cover the additional legal fees that will bill me to duplicate the first foreclosure, which should never have been filed.

I am trying to work with ESOP and supposedly they have a lot of power against Chase. They know they are fraudulent in more ways than this. I worked on this issue since April 08 and finally got it finalized, and because someone else sent the information to an alternate address, I could become homeless. I am 55 and work 50 or more hours each week just to have a place to live.

I had a appraisal done on this home and it is currently worth $60, 000 less than I owe, and part of what I owe are fees added on by Chase due to modification. Now they will duplicate those fees and possibly not give me another modification.

Their reps are arrogant and unfeeling, Nazis.

Anyone have any help for me? I owe about $125, 000 on a 69, 000 house. Would love to walk and purchase one of the houses similar that are now selling for 40, 000 to 60, 000.00. That would make my life so much easier, could sleep at night.

Please help

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  • Re
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    This is a scary story-that can happen to anyone, sorry it's happened to you.
    As Michael Moore says-this Mortgage Crisis is caused by Banks and Lending Institutions.
    It isn't as if they don't have the $$$$$-they're just sitting on it-they wait til someone's in foreclosure-til the last minute (and they say-the Banks don't want U to lose UR Home-this is just talk). The Banks have people working for them-calling U, oh, you need to come UP with UR missed payments+late fees+attorney fees and it'll be 2 wks. 'til we get a NEGOTIATOR-BECAUSE WE'RE SWAMPED WITH CASES LIKE URS-WE'RE LIMITED IN PEOPLE. THE CALLER SAYS "THIS CALL IS MONITORED", BUT WHEN THEY CALL U-SORT OF THREATENED U-TO PAY UP-U MENTIONED THE CALL-BEING MONITORED-THEN THEY SAY"OH I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING". ONE CAN EVEN COMPLAIN TO THEM-NO COMMENT

  • Ba
      11th of Feb, 2010
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    I have been working with Chase for 16months and every time they tell me something, I call back and someone else tells me something else. It is a catch 22, they don't want us to have a home. I found out today that our loan is a Fannie Mae loan, they only service it. We are nothing to chase, if they modify our loan they lose the interest, if they close on it they get money. So it seems that only they banks get richier and we get to be homeless. Every moth they drag this out we are getting further behind. They gave us a forbearance amount and tacked on the differance to what we owe. We got 2 months behind due to Hurricane Ike, they offered to put the payments on the end of our loan. But, then called back 3 months later and said sorry they need it all now. We did not have 3500. so they offered us a modification. We have aquired late fee's for the months they held our payments in a suspence account and did not apply, so now we owe 7000.00, yes it more than doubled. We are sank, we have no family to go and live with. We are 48, 45, and 11 years old. It just sucks. We have called everyday for over a year and every time we call we get a differant answer to the same question. Yet we can not get a person to call us back or send us anything in writing. Last papers from them April 2009. It is now Feb 2010. Scam artists are what they are. Sorry to vent but I really hope enough of us get together and file a lawsuit.

  • Mm
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I also have been cheated by Chase. I purchased a townhome in August 2007 and made my payments for 2 years. My taxes doubled and my fixed mortgagte went up to an amount that i could not pay. I applied for a loan remodification. I submitted everthing they asked me for. They sent me the terms to my remodification, which detailed that I make 3 trial payments. The signed document that Chase returned to me lists the 3 payments and after I made these payments i would receive a remodification. After the three payments were made, I received nothing but collection calls. I called them several times and t hey told me I had to keep making payments. THis was not listed in the signed remodification agreement they sent me. Now they are going through with the forclosure. Now I have to find an attorney, because Chase didnt do what they said they would.

  • Ro
      30th of Mar, 2010
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    Sounds to me like you need to get yourself in order... Stop playing the pitty card, and just do the best you can do each day and everything will work out fine. Yes you man need to downsize, but its time to start living within your means...
    Lets look @ this from another angle... If you were to sell your car to the neighbor, and they failed to pay make the monthly payments you would do everything in your power to get it back correct, thats what chase is doing. Afterall, if your house is in foreclosure status you havent paid anything for atleast 6 months. Let me ask you... IS CHASE YOUR DADDY??? I think not so WHY should they be paying your mortage then?????
    It sounds to me like you made some bad financial decisions and should have asked yourself... Can I afford to do this.
    Suck it up, stop playing the victim card, and with some honest effort you will succeed (Be a good spirited American)... KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. . YA, the sting of the truth hurts sometimes, but this is the reality of the situation...

  • As
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    I too have been a victim of Chase so called Mortgage Modification. They put me on a Modification a year ago and they said I just need to get a negotiator assigned to my file and that I had all documents. I called a week later and they said I was missing my 2009 tax return and 4506T document, which I faxed 3 different times to them. They are crooks and they don't want to give people Mods, they will make more money on foreclosures. In the long run we will all lose, even the banks because America will fall just like the Roman Empire because of these greedy people that run the banks. The biggest blame goes to our President Obama, he promised alot just to get voted into office and has delivered nothing. Just goes to show you that these people that call themselves our leaders are only in it for themselves and their glory. You all should do what I did and file Bankruptcy to keep these greedy [censor] from going after you after they sell your house to collect balance due before it's too late.

  • Fo
      2nd of Nov, 2010
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    If anyone is willing to compile a lawsuit against Chase feel free to email me

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