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Chase modified my home mortgage for 6.625% in Oct. When I received my statement the interest rate said 6.6.25% HOWEVER my monthly payment was calculated at 16.625% This resulted in more than twice the payment amount I agreed to in writting. At Chase, I talked to 15 people in 6 departments across 5 states. No one would either explain the miscalculation or be willing to start any process to remedy. I will only pay these ### what I owe them on paper, nothing more. And I have paid, every month, on time ONLY THE AMOUNT I OWE IN WRITTING. So, now they are foreclosing on my home and I have to sue to get a clerical error corrected. No, this is not a joke. The amount of incompetance at this company will only be realized once you need ANY level of customer service. Stay away, go to a credit union if you can, borrow from a corner loan shark, you will be better off. Chase received 25billion of taxpayer money from the bailout. Can anyone find anybody who Chase is actually helping financially? Oh, sorry, yes, Chase is helping my Repubican congressional representitive Buck McKeon.

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  • Wh
      Jan 28, 2009

    Chase (anything) is bad news. We have been dealing with them on an escrow error for 2 years and have nothing resolve with a attorney and a chapter13 bankruptcy judge looking into their business practices. Hope after our hearing something will be resolve.
    The bank bail out is a joke and officials in DC need to know what these banks are getting away with.

    Frustrated in Wisconsin

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  • Yo
      Dec 02, 2009

    I asked Chase for a payoff letter on my house mid-November, asked for the payoff amount as of November 30 so I would have time to get them the payoff. They told me their payoff letter had to accompany my certified check. So, guess when I got their payoff letter in the mail? NOVEMBER 30. THEY CAN'T EVEN HANDLE A HOUSE PAYOFF TO GET THEIR OWN MONEY BACK ... IF YOU AND I WERE THIS INCOMPETENT DO YOU THINK THE CRONEY CONGRESS WOULD BAIL US OUT? SOMETHING SERIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS WITH A SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT THAT TAKES FROM HARD WORKING TAXPAYING AMERICANS AND GIVES TO WEALTHY CROOKS.

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