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I am currently trying to resolve a bill. The first glitch was I never received the bill from Chase Health Advance, the second issue when they finally sent the bill to me they continued to add on "interest" and so the bill had gone up to almost $40.00. They told me they would forgive the "late charge" since I didn't get the first bill. I sent a check for the full amount due + interest for their "interest charge". The next bill I received had an additional charge of interest + the late charge that was never credited. Actually I don't know why the extra charges now total almost $80.00 when I received my second bill. I am so confused now. This was a bill I intended to pay off as soon as I received the bill... and now I have an extra charge of almost 80.00. I need to add that the company that opened this account for me is very concerned and upset about this situation as well. They have agreed to pay all of these "extra" charges.


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      Nov 03, 2009

    I am currently in the middle of a billing dispute with Chase Health Advance and I didn't even have the procedure because of the way the dental office made me feel that they were too greedy and hasty at the same time. I went for a cleaning on a Friday, got a schedule of dental needs and they checked my credit, then told me they found financing when all I wanted was a payment plan with them. I decided that following week of my appointment that this was too fast and that same week I got a bill that was due in a few weeks! and although I called the office and got a fax number to send them my dissolution letter all of my faxes come back failed and when calling them again I was on hold for at least an half an hour the first time, 40 minutes the second and the third I hung up after almost an hour! When I gave them the time line of all of this happenig within two weeks I was told by Mary, "Maam we're a finance company!"

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      Aug 30, 2011

    I havent even had my procedure yet and Im kinda glad that I caught this now. This is the issue. My procedure is $5 grand...I wanted to be on a NO iNTEREST plan of 24...the doctor office claims that they only accept the 48 (INTEREST) plan? I dont want that. Its my credit why cant I choose? If I go with the 48 interest plan, i wouldve paid 2 grand more on top of my procedure cost, NO NO Im waiting on the dr office to call me back...because they will either resubmit with a dif plan or its nothing at all, I will choose another doctor!

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