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Chase Credit Card / surprise interest rates

1 P O Box 15153, Wilmington, DE, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1800-945-2000

Chase took over my account from Washington Mutual. Since the first statement I go my interest rate increase to 25.74%. I call to find out why, all they kept repeating is in six months to call them back. I gave up and just decided to just quickly pay off the card. Second statement a late fee was added on I call to get it remove and why to no avail. I then decided I will pay it off by the fourth month I paid off the credit card. I just got their statement (which I couldn't wait to get to see a zero balance) and it has an interest charge of $59.35. I called again and they would not waive or remove the charge. I ask to speak to a supervisor, she said I am a supervisor. So I requested let me speak to your boss then. I spoke to her boss and got the same answer. I ask for her boss and she gave me the same answer. I ask the last boss, "you mean to tell me with my good credit record you will let me go as a customer for $59.35?") Her response was "I am not saying that you just have to pay the $59.35." Again, I said "waive the unjust finance charges and I will stay with Chase." She said "you are putting words in her mouth, you are responsible for the $59.35." So, again, I repeat you are will to lose me as a loyal customer. I ask for her boss and she said she is the highest I could go. I asked her "'you own this company. She said "no, " I then asked for the name and phone # of the owner and she said I could only have the address on the bill and to send my complaints there. I was so sad that Chase can get away with all this. It is so sad to know that this company here in America can actually get away with these unethical business practice. SO SAD. If anyone has the phone # or address to Chase in Wilmington, owner please email to [protected]

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  • Li
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I just had a similar experience with Chase VISA. My mother just passed and I was in the hospital with her for 6 days straight. I pay my VISA in full mailed it I thought on time but it got there one day past due date. They hit me with Late Fee and Finance Charge I called to say I thought it would arrive on time. They said they couldn't do anything. The following month I get a Finance Charge on the bill I called to ask why since I paid in full and they said I will have a Revolving Finance Charge for a couple of months since I had paid the bill late. I explained that bill was on time and that I had called about prior bill. They said they couldn't do anything. So I said I COULD I will Cancel the card and I will spread the news about the added finance charge even though you pay in full. I work in a hospital so I have informed alot of people already and all of my friends. I cannot believe how POOR their Customer Service is.

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