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Chase - Credit Card Services / unfair credit card practices

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I had accumulated a lot of debt on my credit card. I transferred the balance to a lower rate to pay the balance off. I was reducing the amount by making 500.00 payments per month on a minmum payment of 200.00. I didn't notice that the credit card company changed the grace period from 28 days to 20 days and that caused my payment to be late, which automatically bumped the interest rate to 26.75% ! I will never be able to climb out of that hole when my minimum payment due is now 600.00! That is much more than I can afford.I feel that these companies do that to consumers to cause slip ups that would make us default on the agreement. The money that they make on late fees, over the limit fees, and compounded interest on high rates is astounding. I am shocked that with all of the consumers that have been forced to default on ARM loans, causing a lot of foreclosures and people filing bankruptcy, that they would not want to encourage more of that.

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  • Pa
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    I have a Chase card, formally WAMU, and have found their practices totally below the standards of all my other cards. If you are close to the limit, don't just send the minimum, because it will cause your card to go over before the next billing cycle and then the fees will kill you. $39.00 over limit because the finance fees were enough to put you over. When you call for an explanation, you get a rep like Tayna who proceeds to put you down because of lack of training. You should never get closer than $50 to the limit per $1000 of your limit to avoid these ripoff fees.

  • Bb
      13th of Aug, 2009
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    My credit card with CHASE formally WaMu has been cancelled by them. I have never had an over the limit, late payment. The only thing I am guilty of is paying off my card and just when I started using it they canceled my card apparently because I don't charge enough or have hardly ever paid just the minimum. I now reguard CHASE as thief. And would never recomend them to anyone. They apparently are only interested in customers who end up paying the fee's no one should pay.

  • Xx
      23rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been a long time customer of Washington Mutual Visa Credit Card since 1999 and always paying my bill on time and over paying about $50 to $100 dollars of what the statement was and paying them down, my credit rating was excellent, Also I have never been late on any of my utilities or car payment, in fact I have paid ahead on utilities and car payment. But just recently Chase purchased all of WaMu credit card accounts and now they have lowered my card balance and doubled my payment and raised the interest rate without notice. This has put me at a disadvantage that if I can’t make the payment they will start fining me for late chargers and raising my interest rates. (I Don’t Find That Very Fair At All). This will lower my credit score and put me in bad light with other creditors I may want to do business with. I only have two credit cards and Chase at this time is the one that’s screwing me. I find it hard to believe that the Government of our Great United States would let any card company take advantage of good, honest and hard working people and to ruin there lives for the greed of their company. (HEY! OBAMA HOW ABOUT MY BAIL OUT???) I would not recommend Chase Bank to any one, they are the worse ever company I have every done business with and when I pay them off I will cancel the card and any card company they purchase in the future. Hopefully someone will put them out of business soon.

  • Ps
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    I have three credit cards with Chase Bank. All of these cards were previously under Washington Mutual until they were bought out by Chase Bank. My accounts were all in good standing and the bills were being paid ontime each month. Within a few weeks of taking over, Chase bank raised my interest rates from 14% on each card to 25%, 29.99% and 19.99% on all of my cards. Then they reduced the credit limit on one card to just under what we owed and closed the other two accounts completly. We were not notified prior to these changes, I found out about the closure when I attempted to use the card and it was denied. I contacted customer service to inquire as to what the reasons were for the closure and was informed that we no longer fell into their acceptable point system. I explained that the cards were being paid on time so why were we being faulted. I was told I always had the option to pay off the balances and get rid of the cards completely.

    Last month, without prior notification, my payment on one of my cards went up $40-$50 a month. I received a notice after the fact that Chase had doubled my finance charges each month as part of a program they were using to help me reduce my balance faster and pay off my card quicker. ???? Now it is all I can do to keep up with the three payments each month. I contacted customer service again to plead with them to reduce my interest rates as I could no longer use the cards so I wanted to clear out the balances and get rid of them asap. I was again informed that they could not help me because my accounts were closed. Chase Bank is shady and unfair and they attack their customers that are paying their bills on time instead of attacking the ones that are not. They are completely uncooperative and nasty when you speak with them. They have now forced me to contemplate credit counseling as a last resort to get these cards paid off. I want to pay these balances and never hear from Chase Bank again!! They have started a spiral downhill with my credit for no real reason other than to screw me and make money. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with!! To destroy customers that were in good standing with the previous bank is just unfair!! Now I just make payments each month and my balance stays right where it was.

    I hope enough people post comments and file complaints about this company until someone forces them out of business for thier unfair and unlawful credit practices.

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