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Chase Credit Card / thieves

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I had a WAMU credit card with a 9% interest rate. I never overdrew or missed a payment and always paid more than minimum. Chase took over and shot my interest rate from 9% to 20% in 2 months.

A new credit card law was just passed that they cannot report to credit report for 60 days nor charge you late fees for so long..This company is bad and theives. I do not like their practices which is why I never took out a card with Chase in the first place.

Due to the interest rate my monthly interest on my bill went from $5 a month to well over $20 JUST in interest. My monthly minimum went from $10 to $40. I had to quit paying them because of the spike and the economy. The day AFTER (1 day) they didn't get my payment they started calling me every 15 minutes demanding payment. They also added a late charge within less than a week (the law is 45-60 days). Within a month it had hit my credit report. (this is also illegal).

They were also harassing my family for payment on my behalf..We had to change our phone numbers just for a little peace. Not only would they call every 15 minutes they would call 7 days a week and they are NOT allowed to call you on Sunday.

This is how much they appreciate their loyal customers who pay monthly without fail..jacking up the rates. If I had wanted an account with Chase I would have applied for one. This is the reason I steered away from Chase to begin with. They break every law they can with accounts.

Someone should sue them and they should have to refund all the money they have cheated their customers out of.

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  • Ma
      19th of Dec, 2012
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    I was purchasing an item from the enternet and had enough credit to pay for the item. I thought that the item was bought and paid for. Turns out that the credit card company put a security block on my payment. Am I upset, you bet I am. With out any notice they stopped my payment after so many years of never having an issue. As a A rated customer you can bet after this I will be looking for another company to do business with. After spending half my day on the phone with pay pal and chase still no resolution to the problem they created. The seller is wondering why I am not making payment and I have to tell them they have to wait till chase gets their act together so I can process the transaction. Now I am sure that I will not have this item till well after the holidays, if the seller doesn't get fed up and sell it to someone else. Thanks for nothing, after so many years of being a loyal customer.

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