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Chase Credit Card / deceptive notification/protection notices

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Chase Credit Card

I recently went through a frustrating time with Chase and their deceptive notification/protection notices. Their customer service representatives will tell you different statements as to how their over limit reporting on your credit report will be handled. I was told by the first representative that if I have the over limit feature disengaged, then I do not have to worry about going over limit. Then I later see on my credit report that they are reporting my account as over limit. I call back again and the gentleman tells me, oh your account did not have this feature disengaged. I tell him, yes It should be, and here is who I talked to and he says that he will put a message through to the other person to be more careful and in the mean time he tells me to contact his credit bureau corrections department with a letter sent registered, I included in the letter to listen to their recording of our conversation and see what we talked about. The letter that I get back is a canned response stating that they take things like these very seriously and that they have reviewed the file but there is nothing that they can do. I call back again and they tell me that I should try writing them again ( a reoccurring theme with these representatives) I then get a new alert from the credit card saying that my balance is getting close to its limit so I send in the payment plus a principle payment the first day they have available on their system. I go on my way thinking that everything is fine and then I get a notice from my credit monitoring system that I have a negative posting on my credit report and it is CHASE CREDIT CARD. I call back over there and I speak to a supervisor and she tells me how this might have happened and then at the end of it all she says you can write to our Credit Bureau Corrections Department. I tell her that this is the last thing that I will have to do with Chase and I closed the account. A WORD OF WARNING, they notifications and rules are a joke, Chase does not care about you or your business. If you have had a bad experience with Chase I encourage you to write your state's Senate and House representative and share your experiences with them, I have found that they are looking for these kinds of issues. Good luck to you all.

Ruben Garcia

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  • Jw
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    Unfortunately, your complaint is no doubt representative of millions of other customer experiences. I got confirmation of this from the horse's mouth. You see, I recently worked for Chase on contract as a systems integrator on their automated customer service program. While on the job, I learned that Chase employees refer to their customers who keep their account balances to a minimum and who always pay on time, as "deadbeats". Later, at a banking conference, I attended a presentation in which an attorney who worked in the banking marketplace spoke of the "new business model" in the credit card industry. The underlying demographic is primarily comprised of college kids and low income customers who are highly likely to rack up late fees and high finance charges by habitually not paying on time.

    Afterward, in a personal conversation with that attorney, I learned that Chase is one of those companies that is most efficient at running the new model, which means that it does whatever it can to earn its profits by pumping up and then collecting late fees and finance charges from the population segment that is least able to pay them! Needless to say, I decided right then and there to immediately mitigate future risk by canceling MY Chase credit card account before they made an error on my account.

  • Ja
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Our company has been hiring tons of people from Chase's IT shops. They are saying the similar thing. They cannot stand the business practices going on and the execs taking personal trips to the Bahamas on company jets for a "out of the box" team activity. Nice that Chase took $25 billion (YES BILLION) from the taxpayers bailout money and is using it to lobby congress to veto credit card reform. They were supposed to pay off bad debt and they stuck most of it in good investments. Total Scam

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