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Chase / customer service

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Chase has the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. Every Customer Service Rep lies, lies and lies. I have been given erroneous information, forced to stay on the phone over 45 minutes, transferred up to 6 times during a call and still have not received the assistance needed.

Chase doesn't deliver the customer service that it promises and believe at this point Chase has even lied about the level of service they can offer.

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  • Ih
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Chase is horrible! They cancelled my credit card which used to be WAMU. I have had my mortgage and card with them since 2004. Perfect payment history, paid more than the minimun, early payments, etc. They used the excuse that they ran my credit report and found some problems. Not with them or with any of my creditors in the last 5 years. What BS! I hope they go out of business and I will pay this card off ASAP to avoid giving them any more of my money.

  • Sa
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    My old room mate and I shared a cell phone, and she had a Chase credit card. She moved out and became homeless, and I have no way of contacting her. Chase repeatedly calls me, sometimes 7 times a day starting very early, asking for her. I have repeatedly told them she doesn't live here anymore, so they start yelling at me! This is rediculous. I remember when she started having financial trouble and told them they would get the money as soon as she had it, and they would call back 5 minutes later asking for money again. Everytime they called, it cost us money that she could be paying them. She told them that once and they got furious.
    They also need customer service that don't speak butchered English. If they want cooperation..well its hard to cooperate when you can't understand what somebody is saying.
    I wish they would quit calling me. She doesn't live here anymore. She doesn't have a phone that they can get ahold of her at. If she's homeless, I doubt she can pay off her bill.

  • Up
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been om phone for 8 hours just today and dealing with them to fix my credit report that they messed for a month now and everyone has transferred me back and forth to cust care and cust accounts still no one will help

  • Ro
      12th of Feb, 2010
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    The employees in the collections department at chase bank are worse than 100 Hyenas over 1 lion cub. I received a phone call from a chase employer credit collector. My car loan is 25 days past due. I did not know this as I do not pay the car loan. This chase employee whose name is Morgan and I.D. # E259443 continued to harrass me on the phone after explaining I was overdrawn on my personal account and could not pay this payment. I gave him my husband's cell phone number who was at work at the time and unable to answer the phone. This so-called human named Morgan (employee # E259443) expected me to call someone right then and there and get the money from God only knows who. I told him I had no one to call however, maybe he should call our president of the United States to get the money from since he bailed out of the banks so he could keep his job unlike the majority of us in America. After saying this he informed me that he was marking my account as uncooperative to pay. I told him do what you think you need to do and God Bless Your Soul.

    On another note, I have a second car loan through U.S. Bank. I had gotten behind on it 4 months after falling on hard times. The employees there were very sweet and understanding. They informed me that they were willing to work with me however possible. The only other phone call I received from them was a courtesy call reminding me of their deposit of a over the phone posted dated check I gave them. That was in November 2009 and I am still about 30 to 45 days past due and each month they give me a courtesy call to see if I am able to make some sort of payment.

    The odd thing is I have my checking and savings account with Chase. After my conversation with the most rudest bill collector I have ever encountered, you can bet on it that I will be at chase bank in the morning closing both my accounts.

  • Fa
      18th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have encounter the worst customer service at a Chase bank in Round Rock Texas, this bank is located at 280 University Drive. The customer service personnel do not even acknowledge that you are present and then when you ask for assistance they act as though you are bothering them . I have encountered nice, professional associates at the Chase Bank on Sam Bass road in Round Rock and wonderful customer service at the 7th Street Chase bank in Austin Texas all together I will give Chase Bank a 3 rating and I am looking elsewhere to bank.

  • Ma
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I also hate Chase Bank, and I have never done business with them, and never will for the rest of my life. It is the advertisements I get in my mail that causes this.

  • Li
      1st of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Today (3/1/2011) closed chase checking account because chase want to change the regular wamu customer into their own rules. I'm over 24 years old and they ask me if I am returning to school then they will put it in a college fund with no fees but the rules for them stated that only 17-24 years of age. The really madden part is I closed my account but the rep (Customer Service) let me wait and cross my name out without letting me know about it and let 2 other customer behind me cut in front. Plus the rep guy who wrote down my account to close it but wrote in the wrong form (Deposit) and then he notice it and wrote on the right form (withdrawal) and then he throw the other way and my card without cutting it just throw it like that in the open trash bin. There more when I was still with them but I don't want to complain too much...

  • Up
      20th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Chase is the worst. Andrea and Lani were horrible. I cant believe a Billion dollar company will tolerate or encourage such bad customer service.
    Lani which is the supervisor I requested was rude and uninterested in my complaint regarding Andrea. When I asked to speak to Lani supervisor she gave me a false number 312.574.2010 and said its her supervisor Mye Paras!
    I am closing my account today - this is intolerable. I have contacted my lawyer as well and he is advising me if this is fraud and taking it through the chain of commands with Chase.

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