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Chase Bp Credit Cards / scummy business practices

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I am complaining about the “new” BP Card that I was coerced / mislead into getting which replaced the traditional gas card. The new card is a Credit Card full of fees.

After 1 late pmt (over Xmas) when mail was late, they reported us to the credit bureaus.

This is scummy business practices and we are considering cancelling after patronizing BP for more than 20 years.

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  • Ar
      17th of May, 2007
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    I used a BP/Amoco gas credit card since 2000 with no problems whatsoever. I paid electronically through mycheckfree and never suffered a late fee or finance charge. My gas purchases were substantial (to me) every month.

    Enter Chase! Mycheckfree is cancelled, getting payment made online is a major hassle in comparison, all of a sudden I am assessed a late fee on a membership charge I cannot remember ever receiving, and now a $2.00 finance charge on a balance I paid in full earlier this month. I have cancelled my "new" card - I never got that either - and destroyed my old card. My credit rating has been excellent for many years. I do not want to jeopardize my good credit with this card I consider to be predatory in the extreme.

  • Ge
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    I was charged a $15.00 late fee this past bill. I always pay my bill electronically on the first few days of the month. I called Chase and they said that was just the way it was. I NEVER pay any bills late. After this treatment I canceled the card and will never do business with BP or Chase again.

    It is a shame companies like this are allowed to stay in business.

  • Tr
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    DITTO. I closed my account and paid the balance in full to a person who was clearly in another country. She entered my bank account info wrong after repeating it to her numerous times. As a result (thinking my account was closed and after receiving NO notices) I see that they dinged my credit report. I called and they said that they show me having a balance of $107.19 which was all late fees and finance charges for an under payment of $5.00. They would not remove the late fees. And did not care if they lost an 8 year customer.

    Is this or is it not just a very clear picture of the society we live in today? You try to do the right thing, pay your bills on time... and creeps like this are allowed to stay in business and conduct business like this.

  • Ba
      6th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Amoco/BP cards are the worst. We had one for 28 years, opened when it was standard/amoco oil company. Even though your account is paid in full, current and never late, you can expect your card to be declined at the pump for no valid reason. Exuses are rampant when you call customer service later to report the difficulty. We tired of the problem with them and their very rude attitude and cancelled the card. I opened a Citgo account and have a far better experience with them.

    Why would anyone continue to put up with such a rude disrespectful company such as Amoco BP when there are better alernatives? With the price they charge for fuel, customers deserve better. Send them a message and take your business elsewhere.

  • Be
      16th of May, 2008
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    When Chase BP bought out my credit card account from BP Oil the account had not been used in over two years. They then issued a card to an old address of mine. The Chase Card was never received nor was the account activated.

    Forward several years later and one charge appears on the account in the amount of 26.00 and because of the old address it starts adding late fees to the tune of 147.55. The charge on the account is in total error and fraud. First I learn of it is a call from the collection agency and of course it's on every one of my credit reports ruining a perfect credit record.

    Funny thing is the collection agency easily got my correct address from my credit report. I have several other accounts with Chase with my correct address. Those accounts are all in good standing. Chase could of easily gotten a hold of me and given me the opportunity to contest the charge in a timely manner.

    I called Chase and they refuse to talk to me because it's gone to collections. My credit is being held hostage.

    Don't do business with will ruin your credit and from reading the above posts...I'd run fast as I can.

  • Mi
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Well to begin with - they lied. They never paid me the 10% promotion on gas that was promised - just 5 %.
    Then they gave me an unreasonably low balance. After about 10 phone calls some decision maker gave me a balance increase. It still was not enough as I run it up and PAY IN FULL each and every month. My debt to income ratio is low and have a very good credit makes no sense.
    So, I have decided to cancel it - good riddance.

  • Rd
      1st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    BP AMOCO sucks, late fee assessed even though payment made on their website day it was due. Posted the next day (Could have had it posted the same day for $40+ fee) $29 late fee assessed. I am not paying it nor ever buying thier gas, costing them far more than $29 just in bad word of mouth comments. Rotten company to deal with, rude agents, etc.

  • Ha
      25th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    after a couple of years, I've decided to do something about this bill -- which is RUINING my credit.

    I had a BP card for my 2 kids in college for several years... I didn't like the fact that if the limit had been reached, they still let them charge gas... but other than that -- no real problems...
    paid through CHECKFREE every month, automatically.

    Then, in 2006, Checkfree was cancelled and I had to go to the site to pay...
    One problem after another -- couldn't get into the site, my account, whatever...

    Then, i would CALL -- and they would tell me to go to the site -- it was a vicious and ludicrous cycle of ineptitude and frustration.

    They had not properly posted 3 of my most recent payments. I asked for itemized statements over and over -- even sending evidence from my bank account that I had made the payments... NOTHING>>>>>

    when I wrote them and told them I would not pay until they proved the amount -- under the Fair Credit Billing Act, they wrote me a letter telling me that I was just trying to get out of paying my bill and weren't going to send me anything!!!

    So, by law, they had not done what they were supposed to -- BUT THEY ARE STILL POSTING THE BILL ON MY CREDIT ACCOUNT...

    Now that I am out of school, I am going to research the law and file a complaint...

    Any help?

  • Bl
      6th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    BP chase cancelled my card and then refused to pay me the $25 rebate i had earned I had a $42 bal had never been late even paid them the $170 bal on the account immediately (wish I hadn`t) when I talked to a ha ha supervisor I got well its company policy bull its out right larceny its my money or at the very least bps and chase is keeping it

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