Chase Bank/Wamuwrongful credit card cancellation

Lynda m ruiz and tony r ruiz
Pob 1399
Wildomar ca 92595


Chase bank aka jp morgan chase & co. aka chase bank usa, n. a.
Pob 17199
Wilmington de [protected]

Shame on you for canceling our cards without prior notice, but we expected no more from an impersonal, despicable big bank’s takeover of our nice, small town type bank we found in washington mutual. we’ve been expecting and waiting for something like this low-life action. and as to the lack of notice, what if we’d been in a position to need the card yesterday?! I found out by trying to set up a computer software trial when the card wouldn’t go through. and as if you cared, what if we were traveling, depending on this card for food, hotel and other services? what’s next, our checking accounts? in spite of our good management, it wouldn’t surprise us at all. I doubt any of you bank monsters have any concerns for individuals, so we’ll manage without your stinking credit cards. we were loyal customers of wamu but not you high rollers. you are part of what’s wrong with this country. you are bums, a disservice to this country and we’d like you out of our state.

What part of “don’t use any more credit than you have to” don’t you understand? and, what part of paying off your credit card each month instead of letting your abysmal interest pile up money for you don’t you understand.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Delaware, CAit’s chase vs their customers except for the high rollers.
And as far as sticking your nose into our credit reports, that is a tactic more recently being used by you impersonal machines to use against and inconvenience us. the one item on our credit report is a human condition, are disputing this and believe it to be the unjust charge we are going to prevail on, but again your impersonal nazi-style actions prevail.
And what happened to the nice mc who does your commercials? more crap of course from a company whose record is already exactly that…crap. it’s your record that is found lacking. have you bothered to see the long list of complaints on the internet? like a bank of america founder’s granddaughter is disgusted with what her bank has become, so it goes with you, but doubt you’ve ever been anything but another self-serving financial institution who doesn’t deserve decent people’s business.
And you think this is over? we’re going to put the word out about how you too are one of the bad guys. i’m thinking we should be able to make an indelible impression of what most americans today suspect is the case. your and your lot should be run out of business. an economy like this where so many are suffering trying to keep their heads above water and here come the evil landlords. that would be your ilk.
Tony and lynda ruiz
Cc: president obama
ca attorney general jerry brown
bill o’reilly, fox news
los angeles times
ombudsmen at large

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