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[Resolved] Chase Bank / mortgage refinance

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States

I wish I would have seen all the negative reviews before I started a refinance with Chase. I have my main loan with them and had started working through a refinance with a different company. After they found out they sent a letter stating they would like a chance to match or beat the offer. I contacted them and informed them of what the other company was offering.

At first they seemed to be working hard to match the offer and came back saying they would match the lower rate and I was save on fees since I already had the escrow account with them. Also some of the other listed fees were lower. I was super excited and thinking I could trusts them let the other company know I no longer wanted to move forward with my loan application. After this it all went to Hell.

I was informed that the rate did not lock even though I was told it was locked. The day after it was supposed to have locked the rates shot up. So now if I want to get the same rate I will have to pay an additional $11, 000. So now I have no options of getting the rate I was promised. The seem nice and talk as though they are trying to help you out. From my experience it seemed like a calculated game to try and get me to stop my other loan and keep me with Chase with the same loan. They did say they will refund the $500 dollars I paid but that is still a kick in the ### since the reduced interest rate would have saved me a bunch of money.

If you get a loan somewhere else and they sell it to Chase then you are probably going to be ok because they have to honor the loan contract you signed. If you start with them they are going to screw you over.

  • Resolution statement

    They have come back and after acknowledging a system issue have honored the the terms of the original loan. I am very impressed with them and that they did honor the loan terms.

  • Updated by FAdam, Nov 30, 2016

    So as of right now Chase is looking into the issues and are trying to make things right. I will update this again after I find out what the final answer is from them.

  • Updated by FAdam, Dec 02, 2016

    I have just received a call today from their executive office saying that they are honoring the original loan. So now I am waiting to go through the closing process. I will update one last time if the closing goes well.

Nov 21, 2016

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