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Woooowwww!!! Had a washington mutual account, and when we found out that they were "acquired" by chase, we asked around, and were told that even though chase was taking over, all of the privileges that we had with wamu would stay the same. Yeah right. Wamu used to have real overdraft protection, and would notify you days in advance for pending overdrafts so that you could deposit necessary funds into the account. Today, saturday the 6th, at 4:34 a. M. We received an e-mail from chase, saying that our account was overdrawn, so I headed over to the branch and deposited in a check that was more than sufficient to cover everything. I get to the bank, and there was a negative $397.00 in the account. Scratched my head, and asked what it was for, and they let me know that there was $99.00 in overdraft fees. Make a long story short, I came back home, saw when everything was sent, and called customer service (What an oxymoron) and let them know what transpired. The clerk stated that they would reverse the funds, cool, no problem. 15 minutes later, they has only credited $66.00 of the $99.00 that was taken out, so I called back. They stated that they should not have even given any of the money back, and that I was lucky to get what I got. They also stated that even if they thought that I was right, they only give $77.00 a month back in fees, even if it is their mess up. Told them if they do not give the remaining $33.00 back, that I would close the account, and they replied "do what you have to do" and that was a lead supervisor. Mind you, I have a cc account, checking account, savings account and a business checking account with this company, and they just lost a customer over a lousy $33.00 hmmpphhh, what nerve.

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      9th of Feb, 2010

    I to am experiencing the same situations. The rules continuously change daily. I am currently shopping for a new banking experience.

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  • Ab
      19th of Mar, 2010

    I would just like to say I take full responsiabilty to my banking errors howevr Chase has found a way to get whatever they can out of you. They tell you things are processed by dollar amount first in a certain catagory example Debits and Atm withdrawls before checks but I have proof that they process any way they can to get you to have more NSF fees...What they are doing should be against the law

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      20th of Mar, 2010

    Late Fee:
    The last 10 years I have had a mortgage loan, a credit card, a saving and checking account with WAMU and I r:eally enjoyed their customer service until Chase took over. I always paid my credit card balance in full every month. For some reason I did not get my Feb 2010 statement and Chase hit me with a $30 late fee. I called and told them I never got the statement and if you check my account I have never been late the last 10 years and since this is my first time I am requesting that you reverse the $30 late fee charge
    I told her since I have been a loyal customer in good standing for the last 10 years and have paid you (WAMU and Chase) approximately $90, 000 in interest on my mortgage loan and let’s assume I was late with one stinking credit card payment one time, are you sure you want to lose a long standing customer over such a minor issue? She did not give a damn and was VERY rude. I asked if I could talk to a manager, she responded NO and she said “I am the ultimate decision maker and this is our policy and if you do not pay the late fee will charge you another late fee plus interest”.
    I told her it is my policy not to do business with idiots and did the only thing I could do.
    I got in my car and went to the local Chase branch, closed my credit card, saving and checking accounts, and got a payoff estimate for my mortgage loan and went to my credit union and had them to wire the payoff amount the same day.
    These people do not have a clue about customer service.

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