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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / jp morgan chase allowed the criminals to steal $38,900 from my account a letting them get away with that

1 Great Neck, NY, United States

From Yuri Sverdlov

2250 NW 114th Ave

Unit 1P PTY 63292

Miami, FL 33192


To whom it may concern,

My name is Yuri Sverdlov, a have been a client of Chemical bank since 1986 more than 30 years at 22 Grace ave Great Neck NY brunch.

On September 4th I noticed that a lot of fraudulent transactions were taken place on my account [protected] Lea Capital Advisors starting from 07/30 and ending 09/04 2018 total $38, 900 plus two fraudulent checks. The checks were stopped, and money returned to my account.

I used this account primarily to pay once a month for a credit card, connected to this account.

The last time I used this checking account to write a check for $49, 000 + to my ex-wife in the beginning of April.

The bank took a very long time to change my address on the account so the statements for July and August kept coming to my ex wife addres at 1 station rd Great Neck NY 11023.

Before September 4th I checked my account using application on August 24th and only paid attention to my credit card, did not even think that other transactions are pertain to my account since I did not use it for checks o any transactions other then credit card since April.

On September 4th two more transactions for $4000 and $8000 accrued and that made me understand that my account was defrauded. I called the department of fraud and allured them about the fraud.

I also notified them that I just got divorced and my address on account must be changed from 1 Station road Great Neck to Miami address, it took a while to take place so first, all correspondence from the bank went to my ex-wife address. I also went for two weeks to Portugal from September 18 till October 4th.

When on October 4th I finally received all your correspondence with great difficulties (no one has fax anymore and Fed Ex does not deliver to PO Boxes).

I have security alert set up on all my accounts if any transaction is more than $125 a supposed to get alert on my e-mail. None of these transactions generated alert.

My claims [protected], [protected]. For ridiculous reasons: one was denied because I had business with merchant before (Connors Raus charged my account for $8000 3 times, two charges were placed on one claim and third on the other claim, all fraud, but the last was denied because I ‘dealt business" with the merchant twice (both fraud 07/24/18 and 08/15/18 before . Again,

all three transactions are fraud.

Please help me to get my money back, please change your security system, you allow anyone make a payment providing the account number, routing number and the name on the account, routing number of Chase [protected] knows everyone.

Yours truly (for 32 years with the bank)

PS .

If and when money recovered, please, deposit to my other account in Chase [protected] Lea Capital LP.

My claim was split in three claims and all were denied for absolutely ridiculous reasons. You failed to safeguard my money on my Family Partnership account and I am holding you (bank) responsible.

The person who was handling my claims ar being a messenger of bad news Mark Leon extension 1299143 at [protected]. First fraud was committed 07/24 last 09/04/18 reported it 09/06/18 . He was unable to have any reasonable discussion with me just kept reading the same statement again and again.

Oct 13, 2018

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