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I have been on the modification game with Chase since Jan 2010. On several occasions I supplied every document and they claimed it was either least or never received. I got so fed up with them that I recorded a phone conversation on my cell phone with a rep. I begged several agents if I could start sending in something to keep from getting too far behind and they said no cause it would interfere with mod process. Then finally after all this time I get a letter saying I’m not eligible for mod. Is there any real help out there or is this process a hoax? I am now out of work but getting unemployment and they will not use this as income.

Funny how they have me the runaround when I was working and giving all kinds of excuses regarding my documents. Chase really needs to be investigated. Interested in my recorded phone call with chase rep…

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      30th of Nov, 2012

    Sounds like Chase still hasn't gotten it together. I'm reading these comments to gather info on the best ways to file complaints just because I am sooooo angry. Bottom line, they promised all was in order on a mod and at the last hour it fell out due to something really stupid, but regulations with Harp are regulations. Too bad they didn't figure it out sooner. Then they said no problem to just make it a simple refi... yeah, right. 4 months later I finally signed loan docs, 3 MONTHS of automatic payments on the new loan made, they reversed the funds, reinstating the old loan and telling me I'm seriously in default due to their reversal on THEIR decision for accepting my signature on the loan docs for the property in the Living Trust that I'm a co-Trustee on. THIS is for a simple change of interest rate only!! So I try to pay the difference to the OLD loan amount, trying to give them money for the old loan payment at the bank AND over the phone to their customer service dept to bring the loan current-- I do want it current so there's no problem to get a Payoff for the new refinance FROM ANYONE ELSE BUT CHASE, and they won't accept my payment, saying that since it is in "litigation" that only the Legal Dept can handle it and they will call... yeah, its been days and they haven't. There is NO MORE PERSONAL SERVICE OR COMMON SENSE that brings a simple refi mishandled by several people reversing their decisions, to the point of making one of their loyal, well monied clients completely frustrated, mistrusting and having utter contempt of the bank.

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