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Yesterday I went to the chase bank by the mall because I have an account with chase . ( I'm disabled and going through the determination process and I walked about a mile each way my disability is copd with bolus emphazemia and Athsma . When I got there yesterday they had to informed me that my account had been closed . The reason I was going there lol n the first place was to cash a third party check form my GF that was issued to her form a state correctional institution ftom OR . So that I can eat litetly I did not eat yesterday because I didn't have any money and i won't eat today either . So in s nut shell the gitl yesterday says that she needs 2 forms of ID we determine that my utility bill will work for the second form of ID . But I going to have to come back the next day . When I came back the next day I was treated like crap and told that I can't open an account with a complete third party check . No I was was just following the advice and guidance that you employe gave me I had a athsma attack on my way home and had to be rushed to the hospital . I want the women fired that I dealt with today or I will sue .

Nov 29, 2016

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