Chase Bank / is my money being stolen?? help...

Cornelius, OR, United States

Okay... Im a pretty smart person. However when it comes to financial things im just not that savvy in this department and I think I may need some help. Heres my complaint. Several times I have used the option "credit" instead of "debit" when I make a purchase. When I use debit and credit, I always check my balance and it always is taken out of my account immediately. Ok, no problem there... However when I use credit, the balance is taken out... But three or four days later, when it posts to my account it is taken out again!!! This has overdrawn my account several times. But it never happens when I use debit. I have called the bank twice about this on different occasions. They both have told me that "it looks like the money is taken out but its actually on hold and when it posts to the account the held money is then taken out"... Ok, no thats # because it took out of my account twice! If the funds were on hold, they would be on hold - not taken out, right?? Long story short when I use credit it seems I am charged twice, because the money is taken out right away... So why is it taken out again when it posts to the account?? And why does this not make any sense to me?? If anyone knows the answer or has had a similar problem please email be, I wont ever check this again probably. But if I can find enough people who have this same problem and it is a scam of some sort like im thinking, please email me and let me know. This is really bothering me... Please email me and let me know if this is a valid complaint or offer an explanation of it that makes sense lol cause the workers just dont make sense to me!


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