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Chase Bank / customer service - will not update my address

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I contacted chase card services to update my circuit city chase card address on file 2 months ago. It was simple, too simple actually. I called the 800 # number provided my account #, address, and my social security #. The rep was friendly and stated my address was updated and my next invoice would be directed to my new address.

Upon not recieving an invoice for 45 days, I contacted Chase Services and the horrible services began. I spoke with the first rep who said he did not work for the circuit city division and was transffered into an IVR. I selected the option for address change, spoke with a representative who verified my current address and all account information. She then proceeded to transfer me to another department to process the change. This representative again verified all my information, and said she would have to transfer me to the additional verification department to verify more info before the change could be made. I was then transfferred to a rep who attempted to gain information about people unrelated to my account (relatives, etc). None of the information I provided him matched 'his records' and he was going to transfer me again. I hung up

I called back the next day and the circus began again. I picked option to change address, spoke w/ rep, verified info and was transffered to actually change my address. I spoke w/ this rep who tried to get the info on other parties again, I refused and then spoke w/ her supervisor (Ericka , ID7314). Ericka is evidentially the highest customer services rep at Chase card services, she also would not update my address upon verifying all information on my account she still wanted information about other partise. Ericka also stated my home number was incorrect from what I was giving her. Ericka refused to escelate my call any further. I received an address to complain to.

I emailed both Chase Bank and Chase Circuit City services and received back emails stating they could not update my address via email but I would need to call. A third email to Chase stated I needed to call a special number, [protected] from my home number ending in XXXX. This number was what I attempted to verify with Ericka who stated over and over that was not what they had one file.

After all this frustration over changing an address I contacted the BBB. Chase Bank contacted me today from their executive services department. They stated they would forward the complain to Circuit City Executive Services. I was contacted by them a few hours later. The rep called me on the home number they had listed on file. I answered and verified all my information over again. She also refused to update my address without verifying additional information from other parties not attached to my account.

She stated since they could not pick up my home phone number when I contacted them they could not verify it was correct and must verify this additional information. I asked her if she called me on my home phone number, which she did. This was not enough for her to verify it as correct. I explained the caller id function on my home phone number is disabled as it is a cellular phone and will not be picked up by their system on calls I make to them. She did admit she called me on my home telephone number on their file but could not use this to verify my account

I have never been so frustrated and treated so badly by a company I have done business with. I have done everything in my power to simply UPDATE MY ADDRESS and they refuse to comply. I will never do business with Circuit City, and Chase as a result of this interaction again, if I can ever obtain an invoice to pay the bill I will be finished with this company forever.

I want everyone else to understands how horrible and frustrating they are to deal with so that they avoid these problems. A company with horrendous customer services such as Chase does not deserve to have any customers when they treat them this badly.

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  • Jd
      28th of Mar, 2014
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    Without going into the specifics of my ridiculous encounter with a handful of Chase customer service managers and representatives who cared only to patronize, condescend to, and belittle me, I had an eerily similar situation occur earlier today. It is remarkable the executives allow (endorse? Encourage?) the type of smug, snide, and arrogant treatment of their clients/customers by their own ill-mannered and uneducated subordinates . . .I am DONE with JP Morgan Chase Bank.

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