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heloc phone numbers to have

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Recently my wife and I tried to have our chase bank HELOC increased ( which was reduced a year ago like almost everyone else) ours was reduced from 93, 000 to 11, 000 based on an electronic appraisal chase did that showed our home value had dropped from 250, 000 to 178, 000. So they took 178, 000 and multiplied it by there 80% loan to value and got 142, 000 then they subtracted our mortgage amount (which according to there records) was 131, 000 and got 11, 000 so that is our new limit. But in reality our mortgage amount had been paid down over 30, 000. They used our original info from the time of our application 3.5 years ago to calculate our reduction. They didn’t request current info at the time of the reduction. They simply sent out the reduction notice and hope that you don’t appeal it. In the notice they don’t tell you that they used inaccurate info so we didn’t know they used our original mortgage amount. We found out by calling multiple representatives and asking how they arrived at 11, 000 and one slipped up and told us. When we informed them of our true mortgage amount we were told to fax in a recent statement and it would likly make a big difference but it didn’t they said they used the info they had at the time and it was our fault for not appealing it sooner. They say our only option is to pay for our oun appraisal $400 and if it comes back high enough they will consider and increase now at a 70% loan to value. My concern is how many chase HELOC customers limits where reduced with inaccurate info to calculate them. I went into our local branch and convinced the young branch manager to give me several high positioned chase executives phone numbers that she apparently wasn’t supposed to. Because now they are asking me how I got these names and numbers of these executives but I cant get past there secretaries. I tried the proper channels and am not looking for a hand out we have 2 checking and 3 savings accounts as well as our HELOC all in good standing all payment have been on time and above the minimum payment. We have great credit and plenty of equity in our home, I believe this is chases way of trying to get people to not be able to take advantage of the low interest rates they gave with these loans ( ours is 1.25 above prime) I really believe this has effected many peoples lives and is something alot of people care and would like to know about. And deserves more attention. Not just for me but everyone chase has misled. PHONE NUMBERS YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE:
KERVIN HILL 318 340 3460 his boss SANDY GREENWALD 318 329 1486 her boss LARRY THODE 318 329 1815 his boss
Troy lisako23@yahoo.com
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A  23rd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
We are in the same boat and I've been fighting with Chase for two years now! They completely froze our account and someone also slipped up and told us that they take the lowest foreclosed property in our area and give a bottom dollar estimation. In addition, we are only allowed to do an appraisal through someone they refer; www.cld.elendersolutions.com which to me is an unfair monopoly. I highly doubt that they will be fair and unbiased. Chase wouldn't even tell me that we needed to have a 70% LTV; so I would have ended up paying the $400 for nothing since we only have 82% LTV. They also would not tell me what my home needed to appraise for in order to open the account for me to know whether or not to spend the money for the appraisal. When I told them I was tired of fighting with them and would take my business elsewhere, I was told, "Okay! Have a nice day!"
N  13th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am in the same boat as well and just got off the phone with CHASE asking them how to reinstate my original loan amount which has been frozen at 20K down from 50K. I got the exact same answer regarding getting an appraisal ONLY through LSI and the same website! I have excellent credit, a ton of equity in my home, but that electronic appraisal they came up with was $71K less than their ORIGINAL appraisal on the home at the time I opened the line of credit...I have significantly decreased the original mortgage amount but they are not taking that into consideration and are using the original mortgage amount in their calculations!!! I am NOT going to pay $400.00 to LSI just to be told the appraisal comes in no where NEAR their "target number" that they gave me!!! Did either of you get anywhere as I see it has been 112 days since you posted your comments on this subject, and I seriously wonder what ever came of either of your fights with them???? Did you call the numbers "we are not supposed to know" after they were posted? If so, to any avail? Thanks so much for any responses!!! ALSO: Is it worth it to fight or just refinance the house elsewhere and roll the balance of the home equity line into it?????
A  27th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I just wrote a long comment and it got erased. I am going to make this short... I have ten years or more in the mortgage loan closing business. I have never heard or been treated so poorly has I have been with this company... I am sending out a plea to all who have posted on this site to contact your congressman. Hear and NC we are electing a new congressman and I will be contacting both of them to see what advise they have and to see exactly what they are planning on doing about banks that doing this. We are being taken advantage of and you all have every right to fight this. I will not let this rest until they show me some numbers. They decreased the value of our home by $131, 000.00. We just built our home in 2006. Also, if they require you to pay for your appraisal then you have every right to choose who you want to pay... I am tired of these banks thinking they can run all over people. I do feel sorry for the people that don't know any better and are stuck at this time. You wonder why our economy is in such direstraits. So please contact your congressman and do not give up... That is what they want... I will post again when I find something out.
N  9th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Good luck dealing with Chase, "in my opinion" these folks are the most incompetent bunch of people to ever call themselves a corporation. They sent me an overnight UPS "etremely urgent" notice that cost them $43.00 to tell me I owed them 58 cents. If you own stock in Chase SELL IT, if you don't DON't BUY IT! My opinion, my story and I'm sticking to it, if I want clowns I'll go to the Circus.
A  13th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Thanks to the person that started this blog. I am homebound and disabled, and even with the use of my State Atty General, State Senator and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which oversees banking practices, I am to be evicted because they took out a large sum of money and didn't tell us. We have exhausted all appeals as they say we have no right to our own finacial accounting info because we are in foreclosure, except that we weren't in foreclosure till they took our money and despite our best efforts, took 5 months to tell us why we were in foreclosure with no right to appeal. I was looking for the fax number to Larry Thode when I stumbled across this. Please put pressure on your elected officials but most of all the OCC!!! who seems to be playing golf with someone at Chase.
A  25th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have been going round and round with Chase. We applied for a Motification and were denied but yet offered a Forberance Agreement which gave us temp. relief of our full payment for 6-months. Now the 6-months is up and they are now requesting all the money which is the difference between our mortagae amount and the forberance amount, have put negative info on our credit stating that we have been 30 days late since 8/1/2010!
N  11th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
In May 2011 I received a letter from Chase bank that I had an escrow shortage. I had the option to pay the shortage or make the higher payments. I chose to pay the escrow shortage. I went into the bank and gave them two separate checks, one for the mortgage and one for the escrow shortage. I had a personal banker assist me to ensure that the money was applied to the correct accounts.
In June 2011 I received my mortgage statement with the higher and incorrect mortgage amount. I called Chase customer service and asked why it had not been changed. They reviewed my account and informed me that I was correct, they apologized and assured me that the correction had been made. I was instructed to make the lower payment for June based on the adjusted amount. I made the payment.
In July 2011 I received my mortgage statement and it stated that I was late 2 payments. My account had automatically gone into collections because based on their records I was late. And they had reported the account to the Credit Bureau. All without reviewing my account. On July 5th, I spoke to Yanita and Dennis David in Customer Service in the Phillipines. The assured me that all the corrections had been made. I called back July 11th to follow-up and John Calixtro informed me that he was going to have to submit a new work order to correct the problem. He told me that he was doing that best he could and asked me to be patient. I have been patient since May 3rd and NO you (Chase Bank) are NOT doing the best they can. While I have included the names of the different people I have dealt with, none of them personally mean anything to me. Except that they ALL represent Chase Bank.
I just got off the phone with Alex Krantz' assistant, once again, she assured me that she was giving my information to Mario Rivera and that I would receive a call before the end of the day. What is it going to take to fix this mess? I will keep you posted.
D  16th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
You guys all have nothing better to do! Here is an idea, face the facts, you over extended yourself buy lending against the equity in your homes which is no longer there due to today's housing market. Therefore, why would any bank extend you more credit against a property with insufficient collateral value? When you lend a friend money to buy something that wasn't even close to it's worth? Time to start facing that facts and going back to lending basics. Nobody gauranteed you that you could always rely on a HELOC.

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