Chase Bankfraud and scam

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After paying all payments on time and paying 4-5X the minimum required, I just received notice that my Chase Credit Card accounts have been closed for some pretty flimsy reasons:

1. Number of bankcards opened has grown too fast.

This is an ambigious statement. What is grown to fast ??????

I have 2 credit cards, one opened in Feb 08 and one opened in Nov 08. Obviously my credit was good enough to open the accounts?????!!!

2. Average length of time since bankcard opening is to short.

Another ambigious statement. One card has been

open for 18 months and one card has been open for 9 months. What does the length of time the card is opened have to do with anything????? If this is how you evaluate a person s credit worthiness then you would have to close

every account that was opened...because when the card is opened the length of time will ALWAYS BEGIN SHORT...Duhhhh

3. Total available credit on bankcards is to low.

This is a LIE! Total Fabrication!!

I have one card with a $2, 000 credit limit and a balance of $290.

The second card has a $2, 000 credit limit and a balance of $1, 165. The second card has a higher balance because I was offered a 0% rate for 12-months and I used the offer to pay for my deck. I have 6 months left at 0% and planned to have it paid off by the end of these terms. I have never added anything additional to this card.

If this is how Chase treats a GOOD customer I have no use for this bank. I should mention that all of my other credit accounts are in good standing and all I have no negatives on my credit reports. This bank is a Rip-Off!!


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      Aug 18, 2009

    Chase Bank
    Posted: 2009-08-17 by GCK

    Chase is: Liers, Crooks & SCAMMED Wash.Mutal customers

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    I paid ALL payment on time and I paid the minium and most the time 2 times the minimium due.

    Then I decided to go ahead and pay my card down from $4, 000 to about $900.00 so I began paying $4-$500.00 per month. After paying 5 payments of $300.00 and two $500.00 payments CHASE CLOSED my account after I had the accoun for over 8 years and was getting reading to use the card to make payments for my son's ruition and books.

    Q:1. I have 2 banks cards. so CHASE said my credit has grown too rapidly?

    MY ANSWER: One card was opened in 2003 and one in 2004, so go fiturer this one out.

    Q2. Average length of time since bankcard opening is to short.

    MY ANSWER: This is stupid, I've had the card 6 years and 5 years. This is again stupid and ambigious on the banks's part...wouldn't you say???

    Q2: Total available credit on bankcards is to low.

    MY ANSWER: This was true maybe back last year when I paid the balance of my son's housing. which was only $2500.00 of my $5, 000 credit limit. As soon as I began paying 500.00 TWICE (1, 000.00 PLUS paid another 600.00 leaving balance of less than a $1, 000.00 they CANCELLED MY CARD.

    *I have one card with a $998.00 balance with credit limit of $5, 000 and
    *1 card with 899.00 balance with credit limit of $3, 000.

    I will have these cards paid off in the next 6 to 8 months and I better not get any offers from CHASE of I will get a lawyer and sue them for harassment. Also, my medical bill of about $1500. from an accident from an assault will be paid by the Attorney General (via crime victim department, and then my credit will be full cleared up again) and I better NOT hear from CHASE.

    CHASE is a stupid crook, rip off, and ###...
    Not to mention they have money from me and the public that BAILED their ### out of trouble, and now this is HOW THEY REPAY "WASHINGTON MUTUAL" CUSTOMERS by closing all of our accounts for STUPID ###, LAIME reasons like these above.

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