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Chase Auto Finance / Harassing calls!! Calling neighbors and relatives!!!

1 NY, United States Review updated:

I just lost my job a month ago and my car payment through chase is 18 days late. They keep calling me leaving nasty messages and then proceeded to call my brother in a different state with a different last name!!! They must have a payment no later than this friday before 4:00 PM or else! The woman that keeps calling is Cheryl from Tampa. She is nothing short of a harrasing abusive witch!

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  • Ch
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    hey dumb, dumb. The want their money, just like anybody else that has a loan out. I would expect the same treatment from a company that i owe money too as well. Thats why they have you give out other contact information when you fill out the loan, so they can contact those people too when you dont pay for something. DUH! Its called common sense!

  • Ed
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    My wife has never been behind in her auto loan with Chase and yet the day after the payment is due I end up getting 3 calls a day both human and automated. I've actually gotten 3 automated calls in, no lie, 20 minutes. The bad part is actually prefer the damn machine over the total ### I and my wife, and my mom and her sisters and her co-workers have to deal with because my wife financed a car, that she has never been behind in payments on, with Chase Auto. I tried to tell them that they were being harrassing but gave up about a year ago! Now when I recieve my usual 10 phone calls on my weekends I am generally rude, but I figure they have it coming for calling before 8:00 am on a Sunday! I seriously hate this company!

  • Mi
      14th of May, 2009
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    Shoot, if you're one day late with Chase they can call you up to 15 times. I am currently two days late and have received 8 phone calls so far today and it's only 3 pm. And I agree having been unemployed recently that they have no compasion in situations out of your control. There should be a law about such harassment. I understand owing your payment, but one day late and 15 calls in one day, a bit extremem

  • As
      5th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I totaly agree. We have been out of work for close to a year. Savings have run out and now payments are late. 7 days. calls start at 8:22 and stop at 8:30 Called my mother in law and demanded that she make a payment or else. Told my wife to give the car back and get something she could actually afford, then asked her if she enjoyed driving it, then she should think about what its going to be like without it????? I mean calling to tell you your late and to please make a payment is one thing but these people are about to drive me over the edge. And to discuss my finances with my mother in law, tell her how much im behind and to discuss payment arangements?? I think that there is a law that was crossed and i suggest everysingle one of you here to do what im doing. Afford prepaid leagle for a month or so, sick them on their butts. They are the rudest bunch of people that i have ever dealt with. I could go on for hours. I would suggest that nobody should ever do buisness with chase in any form. It is quickly becoming my mission to drive this point home. After belittling my wife i almost dont want to pay them just because. If they do come to get my car i can promise you that the repossion will make the news. Watch for it. Nothing against the repo guy but news crew will be standing by.

  • Ha
      6th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Blogging about this will not change anything. We need to get mean back at the harassing calls and let them know how you feel. If they call me 4 days after the first of the month I let'm have it. Why are you calling? You think this is some kind of a courtesy call? No, the only way is through reporting them as harassment and letting them know they are in the wrong. I am not sure who to call about this but you can bet your mortgage I will find out and I will remain determined...Chase is in the wrong!

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