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CeLLC / incorrect amount quoted for contract & shocking service

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This is a long one, but worth a read, trust me, it's almost entertaining if it wasn't so ridiculous! I have had terrible reception and call quality with CellC. On weekends, in particular, my mother (also with CellC) and I can frequently not get through to each other and yet, if I use my husbands phone to call her (he's with MTN), it gets through. One would think that they would encourage family members to be on the same network...

Due to this and the fact that their 'Casual Chat' contract doesn't provide any free peak minutes, I had decided to cancel my contract after the 24 month period came to an end, which I did. Shortly before the last day, I received a call from a sales consultant. He told me that I could get the phone that I wanted on 'Casual Chat' for R39 a month. (this after me telling him that I had already decided to move to MTN)

Shortly thereafter, I was surprised to see that I was actually being charged R69 a month. Now, R30 difference is not huge, but, on principal, I will not accept being quoted one thing and charged another. I logged the first query, which was closed without me being informed or given any feedback. In the query, I asked for a copy of the verbal contract and/or the opportunity to hear the call (they are all recorded) as this was my contract with them and I know that did not tell me about the additional R30 charges (for itemized billing and Caller line identity)

In their ad's, CELLC state that all contract amounts INCLUDE these two items, so I questioned why I was quoted an amount EXCLUDING them over the phone during my 'contract' conversation. As the first query was closed without feedback, I logged a second, again asking for the transcripts of the recorded call. After an extended time period (they promise to get back to you without 48 hours), a received an sms and an email stating: 'The R39 does not include itemized billing and caller line identity' What a joke? I had already worked that out for myself and that answer was not at all what I asked for.

I replied, repeating my story and the request. I phoned the call center on numerous occasions asking for feedback, each time speaking to a different consultant and having to explain the situation over and over again. (in one 50 minute phone call, I was put on hold twice, only to go back into the normal incoming call queue and had to repeat myself 3 times IN ONE CALL).

On another call, after being told to hold, I refused, saying that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor claimed that he could not hear me very well and asked if he could call me back straight-away. That was a week and a half ago and I'm still waiting for the call...

Eventually, I went in to their offices in PE and spoke to someone face-to-face. She was the first helpful person that I have dealt with. She created another query for me. Today I received an email reply to my query stating that 'should I wish to cancel my contract, I would be charged R145 a month for the remainder of the contract and a R1000 penalty charge and that CLI and itemized billing are mandatory'
If this situation wasn't so frustrating, I would've actually laughed. Firstly, how can they charge me more than double what my actual contract amount is to cancel anyway? If I don't use my phone for the next 21 months rather, that would be cheaper for me to do, but the rocket scientists there obviously don't think like that!

So, yet again, they have failed to provide the simple answer to my question: to provide me with a copy of my telephone conversation/contract. If they can't show me my contract, how can they charge me a fee for canceling it?

This company is a joke, I've never experienced such bad service and I would strongly advise anyone considering CellC to think about it very carefully and read the fine print in the conversations that you have with them, as that's obviously what they expect you to do somehow!!!

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  • Ni
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I have NEVER experienced such shocking service and apathy in my life!!! I upgraded and renewed my contract recently (stupid me) and paid R1500 extra for an HTC touch handset. 3 weeks after i received the phone, it froze and i haven't been able to switch it on again. I phoned cell c (obviously waited for ages, was rerouted a couple of times etc...) and eventually they told me to take my ID and phone to the megastore in canal walk. I did this, only to be told by them that i have to get cell c direct to collect the phone from me for repairs. So I called them again and explained what happened after being on hold for 23 minutes!!! I explained my story to 3 or 4 people yesterday and wasted an hour of my life being shifted from one agent to another. I said i needed a manager to call me and the agent assured me i would receive that call first thing this morning. By 2pm today i had still not heard from them, so i called again and i kid you not - spoke to 6 different people!!! I had to explain my story EVERY TIME!!! One time, i got put through to "someone who could help me". I explained my situation to him and he told me to hold for a second while he checked something. The second turned into 10 minutes and guess what? There was someone new, asking me how they could help me!!! I have really had it with them. I don't want to have anything to do with them!!! I wonder if there are actually managers or if the whole company is run by call centre agents???

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