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Cell Phone Companies LikeT-Mobile / consumers being robbed for living in us

1 IL, United States

To Whom It May Concern:

I am sick of getting the shaft from cell phone companies because I live in the U.S. If one looks at what some companies (some of which do business here) offer in other countries, U.S. consumers are getting robbed. I understand there are different countries, different regulations, and all that, but that doesn't mean I should act like I'm being done a favor if a phone is "offered" to me at $200-$400 along with another huge fee of about $30 a month EXTRA to use just data features. Things are getting worse as companies like T-Mobile and ATT move forward making data plans mandatory, even if the phone isn't an offical 'smart phone'.

If one goes on the T-Mobile UK site ( ), they will find top phones with the best technology for free. Many of the phones are not even offered here, but the ones that are cost hundreds of dollars. The contract on the UK site? 18 months. The required plans? 30-50 pounds, which includes minutes, texts, AND internet. Even with the conversion that's less for some of our provider's prices for just minutes.

I don't know the specifics on why there's such a dramatic difference, and if it has to do with government and regulation, but if this is the case, it bothers me that our government doesn't follow suit in what looks like a very advantageous case for the consumer. It also annoys me very much that a company like T-Mobile is able to come into this country and bleed consumers dry compared to what is offered in other countries.

I wish people would come together and challenge the providers on this. I know I speak for a number of families who find cell phones essential but are getting robbed when you compare the rates, data, and phone prices compared to other countries. We should use the internet and this information to our advantage, just like businesses adjust when they see their competition have different prices.

I will close with a few examples:

Thank you very much for your time! I hope to send this letter and information to congressmen, cell phone companies, the FTC/FCC and media in hopes that someone spreads the word and takes action

- An American consumer getting the shaft

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