[Resolved] Cell Cwifi modem - access denied due to incompetence

On the 03rd of april 2015 I took a wi-fi modem device at the dealer 3657835 which upon subscription the monthly installment was r99 per month.

The sales consultant then advised me that there is an additional amount we can chose to allow the access to exceed by. I chose r50 maximum for the instalment to increase by per month for exceeding the limit offered as per the contract. A debit order had been set up on my account to ensure funds are withdrawn on time.

Around september/october 2016 I had fraudulent contracts taken at vodacom, telkom and mtn. I have never applied for or taken a single contract with any of these service providers. To date I am still baffled how my personal details, banking details and my personal documents were accessed. Huge amounts of money was being deducted off my account by these service providers resulting in my bank account being closed in november 2016.

I went into the gateway store and cancelled my debit order at dealer 3657835 due to my bank account being closed as there was an investigation carried. I requested the banking details which I was provided and I clearly advised the consultant that I do not want the subscription to exceed the amount of r99 a month and to cancel the excess r50. He then advised me that he would round the installment off to r100 which I agreed on. The consultant assured me that all changes had been made on system and that I should continue making a cash monthly subscription of r100 at nedbank as per my contract which I abided to.

I continued to make use of this device up until the 05th of january 2016. I was no longer able to obtain access of the device. This is when I then called the customer care line for assistance. I spoke to a consultant who advised me that I was in arrears for two months. He could see my payments of r100 for both november and december but there was additional amounts owing. I explained that this could not be possible as I should have a capped installment of r100 as per my request. I explained to him that this is total negligence and I will not accept responsibility for any additional amounts exceeding my binding contract. Someone somewhere did not do their jobs properly and this needs to be sorted. He logged a case assuring me with a 48 hour turnaround time and provided me with a case number: [protected]. He also mentioned that it is not good going into the store to have made the debit to cash change as it is difficult to know who is responsible for making the changes. My question is if I took the contract at the store, how ridiculous is it for me not to get proper assistance at the store. Are you not able to see notes on your system to indicate the agent who assisted me?

By the 10th jan 2017 there was still no feedback. I called in again and was advised by the consultant that I should provide one more day to you guys and I would receive a call the very same day with feedback. She advised she would be sending an alert to the person responsible for investigating the case. No call was received for that day. Neither was a call received on the 11th jan 2017. I called in on the 11th jan 2016 and the agent advised me that the problem was still not resolved, the same story with this lady which was that she would send an alert to the guys responsible in resolving this case. She advised that I would receive feedback on the very same day and if I did not I must call in and request to speak to a team leader. On that day, still no call. I then called in again on the 12th of jan 2017 and spoke to another consultant who advised me that she cannot access the case as the case was locked out but she would make a note on system and gave me a case number [protected] advising that she would link this case number to the initial case number. She advised that she would be directing this case to the team leader and I would receive feedback on the same day. To date still no feedback. I called in 3x on the 15th jan 2017 and the call was cut on all 3 occasions after I provided the consultants with the case number.

I have had the most pathetic service from these cell c consultants and nobody could provide me with answers. I have never applied or nor do I have any cell contracts on my name with any cell service providers and expected much more from cell c. I have been a loyal cell c customer (prepaid) for the past 10+ years and thus the reason for me deciding to give the wi-fi modem contract a try and believe me I am most disgusted with cell c service I have received thus far. Who do these guys report to? Do the team leaders not have a system in place in attending to all overdue outstanding queries. Your turn around time of 48 hours have now gone to 120 hours and still no decency in providing me with some sort of feedback for the delay. What pathetic service.

How long more before I receive feedback?

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, Jan 16, 2017

    Hi DaphneArchary, we do apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. Our team will be calling you to resolve the matter. ^BM

Jan 16, 2017

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