[Resolved] Cell C / poor customer service

Benoni, South Africa

On the 19/09/2018 the below was added on hello peter and there after the device was collected on the 20/09/2018

I upgraded my contract on Friday the 14/09/2018 telephonically to the Apple SE. I told the consultant that i wanted a Rose Gold hand set and if they did not have the Rose Gold handset i will wait till they get a Rose Gold but in the mean time they can activate the contract. On Monday the 17/09/2018 i received the handset but on the invoice it says space gray, so i did not open the package i called cell c immediately as courier did not want to take it back. The call centre agent advised that i needed to call back the next day to book the collection since i just received the handset. I called them at just about past 8am on the 18/09/2018 but they only booked the collection in the afternoon 18/09/2018 ( this is what i was told when i called in today 19/09/2018) Today i was also told that i must wait 3-7 working days for the phone to be collected and another 3-7 working days before i receive the correct colour handset.

I do not think that this is customer service, why should i wait so many days when this is not my fault. If yourll did not have the colour then if you were customer service orientated you would have called to advise that you do not have the colour.

The only reason i upgrade telephonically is because i do not have the time to go into a store.

I do not think that i should be forced to take a colour phone as Cell C is not giving the phone to me for free i am paying for it and i have a choice as to what colour i would like.

No feedback was received after sending the device back hence on the 01.10.2018 the following was posted on hellopeter (cannot get answers so no choice but had to go through hello peter :

Good Day Theodore contacted me on the 21.09.2018 and said that they will wait till they receive the device thereafter send it back to the person that invoiced it so that they can invoice the correct colour of the device. When i tracked the parcel online i saw that it was received on the 21.09.2018 at 9am but i have not heard from Theodore since that day. I have called 084 145 and asked to speak to Theodore but they said that they cannot transfer the call and that they will send her a message to contact me. She still has not contacted me. I have called again today 01.10.2018 and the agent said he does not know who Theodore is, so i said its the department that deals with the hello peter complaints, he then said that i should wait to be contacted again. So i said that i would just put a complaint again on hello peter, the agent said ok. The agents have a dont care attitude. Please can you provide me with an update regarding my device. Kind Regards Trisha Chetty

On the 19.10.2018, another post was put on hello peter :
Good Day Can i have an update regarding my handset ? Kind Regards Trisha Chetty

On the 23.10.2018, another post due to no feedback :
Please can Theodore contact me with regards to an update on my device ?????????

On the 26.10.2018 due to no feedback another post :

I have to keep coming on Hello Peter to place my request since Cell C does not call back they cannot transfer the call to the people that are handling the query. I placed a comment on Hello Peter on the 24th of October. To which reply i received was that be in expectation of a call from Cell C. Yesterday the 25th i replied to that comment asking the turn around time for someone to contact me. I did not receive any response so once again i had to write a new review.

I know Cell C has a dont care attitude towards its clients and its doesnt bother them about any complaints. I would like an update today regarding device. I do not want to hear that yourll do not have it in stock, it now over a month. I want to know when this device will be delivered to me.

On the 29.10.2018 due to no feedback :

I am still waiting for someone to come back to me with feedback ????????????????

On the 29.10.2018 due to no feedback ;

Still no feedback, it seems like this platform of hello peter is not working, do i need to go to any form of media ?

This is really disappointing to have to keep following due to Cell C not interested in its clients. The service is disgusting and there are no words to describe the way i feel about dealing with Cell C anymore.

I just want my query to be resolved as soon as possible.

Kind Regards
Trisha Chetty

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, Oct 29, 2018

    Hi Ms Chetty

    Thank you for contacting Cell C.

    We apologize for the unpleasant experiencing that you had.

    Please advise if this is the number in question 0846068623, that is linked to the account.


Oct 29, 2018

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