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Cape Town, South Africa
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Last year september, I lost my contract cell phone. I went into my nearest cell c store, which was claremont, cavendish shopping centre. I was made to wait firstly, while two assistants had to help one customer. Finally after the male assistant though it was time to come over to me, he strolled along to ask me what I needed. I told him what happened to my phone and that I would like to block the phone. He told me I need to call customer services as there is nothing he can do from the store. I told him that I have a prepaid cell phone from vodacom and received better service than this and he said, well we are not vodacom. He then walked away from me and I left the store.

My phone was never blocked and I carried on paying for the contract until I would get another phone on my contract. I got great news that I was able to get a new phone upgrade and that it could be delivered to place of work, just after my birthday, which was the weekend before. So, I put my bad experience behind me and was excited to get my new phone. I was told to call cell c customer services to do a sim swap for my upgrade phone. I received my phone on the 22nd of august 2016, I am still unable to use the phone as I have called customer services 4 times over 2 days trying to do the sim swap. I have called customer services, they then have to do authentications (Questions to make sure it's me) before they can put me through to some other person to do my pin to activate the process and then I must do it myself from then onward. Every time I call, I am having to do this process over again (Authentication) before they can put me through to (Ir?) who will assist me in getting my pin. Every time this happens, I get cut off and I have to start the process all over again.

I call back and let them know that I want to speak to the manager or supervisor and never got put through, the customer service assistant tried to help me again. But again, I was apparently put through to ir and the call was cut. This will be day 3 that I have a phone I can't use because customer services can't seem to put a simple call through to another department without losing the customer in the process. Even though it has a cell c sim in the phone, I still can't call them using the phone and I am having to call from a landline number and having to be put through to customer services from their business lines.

I can't tell you how much money I have wasted calling from the landline to then be cut off every time! It is simply ridiculous! Now I have to go back to the store and pay a fee of r150, just so they can do it there. So, now I must spend more money for a service that is offered free over the phone (Within 7 days) when you receive your phone. I am very sorry that I have a contract with cell c which have shown me such a level of bad service offered to their customers.

Aug 24, 2016

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