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Cell C / sick and tired of the situation

1 South Africa
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I would like to express my immense dissatisfaction with cell c. I cannot even remember how long it is that I have been experiencing problems with them.

I have two contracts with cell c. When the contracts were taken out, the contract was not on my name, due the fact that I was not 21 yet and the law required this. The banking details however, were on my name and this was the account that was debited every month.

The first problems started in the first month I had a contract. I was billed for this I did not understand. Whenever I requested and explanation, I received none. I was told that nobody can assist me in any way, as I am not the contract holder. This really frustrated me as I was the one who was paying for it at the end of the day.

A few months later, I tried to transfer the contract to my name. I went to the cell c store in cavendish, and submitted all the documents that they required to make the transfer. I then spoke to oriel khan from the customer complaints department, who told me that no enquiry was actually made to transfer the account to my name.

I asked oriel to assist me regarding the transfer of ownership. The surety I provided was declined. I obtained new surety and tried again. I e-mailed oriel numerous times enquiring as to what the progress of the transfer is, but to no avail. I

in the month of september my bank details changed and I had asked oriel to update these, which she did. At the end of october, my account was not paid because according to the customer care department of cell c, the bank details on record were invalid. The details that were on record, were in fact my old details, which oriel had told me, she updated. How is it possible that one month the details are correct and the following month they have reverted back to the wrong details?

I contacted the customer care department and spoke to a lady by the name of bonolo. She told me she is unable to assist me due to the fact that the contract is on my name, she cannot tell me what the process of the transfer of ownership is because the person that I am dealing with is supposed to assist me.

I spoke to kevin, at the call centre, who was a super star. The only competent person I have dealt with at cell c. He assisted me very well and eventually the transfer of ownership was completed.

I have posted numerous complaints on the site, you can view them here: asp

It is now february, and once again, I am the month of december, my account was not debited. I passed this off as a mistake on cell c’s side. When now, by the end of january, the payment did not go off, once again, I was concerned.

I called the contact centre, only to discover that once again, cell c managed to get hold of my invalid bank details with the closed account. I updated these details, if my memory serves me correct, on friday. I told the gentleman to please re-submit the debit order. I was told that this was done and the payment should go off within two working days.

By this morning, tuesday 08/01/2008, the payment did not go off. I contacted the call centre to confirm that the correct details are on record. This was confirmed. I went ahead and posted another comment on as this seems to be the only way in which to get cell c’s attention.

I was informed by the lady who contacted me, that the claim was never resubmitted. As I am sitting here am shaking with anger and disgust.

I feel that you have breached your side of the contract and I do not feel that I have received adequate service from you. Therefore I feel that the contract I signed is no longer valid.

I spoke to somebody in one of your customer care departments and tried to explain to her that I feel the contract should be cancelled, without me paying any penalties. She kept telling me, in a very abrupt tone, that this would not be possible. The conversation kept on going in circles, until I eventually, gave up.

I no longer know what to do and I truly feel that you have not honored your side of the agreement. Therefore I feel the contract should be cancelled, without me being penalized. I feel that I have no other choice, but to resort to the media and my lawyers.

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