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15 November my phone was stolen, I reported it immediately to Cell C to have the phone line deactivated. Requested the next step in terms of insurance process. The Agent then provided me with the Finrite call center number. 16 November I tried to contact Finrite and it took a ridiculous amount of minutes waiting for someone to pick up, even when I called on the dot 08:00AM. Then I went onto the CellC website and obtained my claim forms myself. I then sent the claim form to Finrite on 17 November. I phoned them again on the 18th of November and I could not get through. I then went into the Cell C store at Zevenwacht to see if someone get help just to get a better understanding of the process when you claim. (This is the first time to claim). The lady there instead informed me that she had no idea how the process works and I should contact the insurance directly…well it is your insurance Cell C. Administrated by Finrite, why is it that your staff do not even know the process works for insurance, yet they are the very same people who sell it to you?

On 21 November I have still not received any form of communication from Cell C insurance Finrite. I then phoned again. Finally after getting through to Jabulile from Finrite who may I say handled the situation swiftly, she then informed me I cannot claim as my account is in arrears. It was then that I sent an inbox to Cell C via Facebook explaining the situation and how unhappy I am with their assistance. I was then asked my cell number so that they can investigate. After a few hours I contacted Finrite again and they told me they can't process my claim because my account is in arrears, I must contact Cell C…REALLY? I did that, then the Agent explained that the person who blocked my line on the 15th of November blocked it with the reason: “arears”. My account was never in arrears and that prevented the insurance from paying out. All because your agent did not focus on what she was doing. I had to ask for statements to prove that my account was current and requested why I don't receive my statements. Then they told me that on their system I am selected to receive my statement via post, but they don't post statements anymore…so my question, if you have my e-mail address and you know you don't post statements why was the e-mail not activated? I sent through the statement to Finrite then they come back and tell me that they can't see that I am covered for insurance…how many back and forth can one person take. I then had to go back to Cell C ask for prove that I paid for my insurance on a statement only then can Finrite help me. Today I phoned Finrite again just to ask for some feedback and twice the phoned dropped. Cell C is still coming back to me…it irks me that should I miss a payment you are so fast to phone, to top it all I already paid my excess for my stolen phone and you guys can't even help me. Sitting with my money and I don't have the phone!

Nov 24, 2016

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