Celebrity Cruisesgoing ashore in shanghai

We were on the Millenium which sailed from Tokyo on 10th Nov 2018.
We had this cruise booked from 2017 and there was no correspondence to say we neeeded to have a visa to get off the ship in Shanghai. I had checked with Visa Central and a Tour Journalist if a Visa was required and this is a copy of the wording from Visa Central "Guests entering China on board an ocean cruise ship may not require a visa for up to 15 days provided Shanghai is the first seaport of call
in China. " There is more to this paragraph but due to lack of space I have reduced it.
We were informed by a card placed on our beds a few days before arriving in port that we could only go ashore on a tour through Shore Excursions and due to this late information there was little choice left and some people missed out.
Why were we not informed about this when we were booking the cruise or even shortly after booking, so we could have arranged a visa or had a full choice of tours.

Nov 29, 2018

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