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9:13 am EDT

Celebrity Cruises Getting help/customer service

We were granted a fcc on a cruise we sailed in on christmas 18/19 due to an issue we experienced with our cabin. We requested an extension to our UK agent as it has been impossible to travel these past 2 years. We have tried every number on the Uk pages, tried calling our agent directly and written to different email addresses, bit NO ONE answers or seems able to help. We are wasting time, spending unnecessary money on calls and risking rising prices on our travel plans. We need someone to confirm our FCC has been extended. MADRE from Celebrity Uk was asked to do this some time ago but when we try and redeem the cert it does not work. She is now virtually impossible to get a hold of her. We are already having a bad time with all thats happened in the past year to have to endure the unreasonable difficulty in simply ensuring that our FCC has been duly extended. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?!


Desired outcome: PROGRESS

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3:25 pm EDT

Celebrity Cruises Noise, food, sound levels, etc.

This is a description of our experience aboard the recent sailing of the Celebrity Eclipse from Vancouver to the Hawaiian islands. this is a rewriting of the review I submitted at the end of the cruise.



My job as the Grumpy Guy! or

“I'm the guy with bad attitude”

I'm having a effing great time on this cruise and I mean that with all the facetiousness and insincerity I can muster on this trip. Mustering is a good term. Too bad the mustering is only done online with watching a few videos, and showing up on the designated deck just to have someone check off that I showed up on the designated deck. There was no practice putting on lifejackets, no practice getting on lifeboats. We only did one cruise several years ago, prior to this one and I felt safer on that one, because we were taught, with practice, how to put on the lifejackets.

Let's look at the music and other sounds on this ship. They play pop music all day in the buffet, at annoyingly loud volumes. I spoke with the buffet manager about this on the second day and he reduced the volume some, but it is still bothersome. The live music and shows would be good or even acceptable but the volume is intolerable. I had to bail out of the first live show last night after about 15 minutes because of the volume. What makes this worse is the echo. All the music and the ship noises echo thoughout the ship. There only a couple of places I can find that are QUIET! I've had a headache since I boarded this ship, but I don't want to stay in my room all the time for an 12 day cruise. If I had to do that, I'd rather fly to my destination, and spend all of my vacation there, rather than suffer from the torment of the noise. I went to the Guest Relations desk to complain and to see if there was anything that could be done, and I was told that I should go back to my room for the duration, or wear earplugs. ARRGGGHHHHH!

Did I mention I've been laughed at by the staff in Guest Relations twice now? Once when I first complained about the volume of the entertainment, and another time when I was trying to locate my wife for a medical appointment. Also, my wife was laughed at by a staff member as she was trying to dance the hula while the staff member was helping her with her plate to our table. My wife felt that this was an unfriendly laugh, and felt somewhat insulted.

The medical appointment thing was another issue. My wife had fallen in our cabin and hit her head. She is on blood thinners and head injuries could cause a possible stroke. Now when the ship's doctor concluded a follow-up visit, and they discussed future care, she told me that the dr. said to her, "You don't want to go to ER, do you?", on the first landfall day of the cruise, the next day after the the last appointment. Normally we would go to ER and get a CT scan because of the stroke potential. We did have another medical issue not related to the fall, and while she was in the hospital. They did the CT scan there and found no issues from the fall, fortunately.

Hey, let's write about another fun experience I had today. We had purchased an excursion for today and nobody delivered the tickets to our room. I went down to Guest Relations to find out about the tickets. The first time, I was just told to go to the pier 15 min prior to the time for the excursion and the tour operator would have our names for his list, but no mention of how we were supposed to get to the pier, no mention of how soon we should board the tender, as I found out we were supposed to do. Remember, we had not received our tickets, so we had no instructions as to what to do. The next time I called the Guest Relations desk, I was told that I had to stand in the standby line to see about my tickets. Why should we be placed on standby when I had already paid for the excursion online weeks before the cruise? I was PO'ed and blew up at the staff member, then to everyone who witnessed the event, letting them know just how much of a “fun time” I was having on this cruise. Eventually, I found out when and where and what we we're supposed to do from another call to Guest Relations, but time was running short and we had to leave our cabin immediately in order to catch a tender and get to the pier on time for our excursion. It gets more fun. When we got to the pier, the staff member working on excursions, at first said that she had no record of us for the excursion, which I had expected to happen considering how everything had been going on this cruise. Eventually, the issue was resolved and I was offered a $20 refund for each ticket (3 of us). The $60 has been credited to my shipboard account. One amazing thing that happened when we returned from the excursion is this: The cruise director was on the same tender as we were when we returned from the excursion. I told her my whole sad story and she promised to speak to someone about it, but not to expect anything about the volume. I'm not, but at least she didn't laugh. If I can get an email address for her or anyone else on this ship or in upper management, they will be cc:'ed on this email as well as every Youtube channel I've been following dealing with cruising.

And a new complaint is being added to the list. We went to the main dining facility for dinner last night. Now, I've complained to every staff member on this ship about my experiences on this cruise, so much so that know us by name, especially about my ongoing never-ending headache. So, where did the maitre'd sit us, but right next to the noisiest place in the facility, the bus station where the waiters, and the assistant waiters, and the busboys are banging and clanging the dishes as they scrape the food particles from the dirty dishes. So noisy that I had to go back to our cabin and get my noise-cancelling headphones. I wore them throughout dinner, both in order to reduce the noise for me, and as a form of protest about our sitting arrangements.

Let's go back to the food issue. My wife has a problem with salt. she is on a low/no salt diet. we were promised that we would be accommodated, that there would be places we could find on the ship that we could order salt-free meals for her. Well, that list of restaurants we were promised, were just different stations in the buffet, and that there were no special accomodations for salt-free diets.

We could order room service dinnet earlier in the day, but that doesn't cover breakfast or lunch.

As far as noise goes, I'm starting the -3Db Revolution, so called as an attempt to get the volume in the entertainment system reduced by 3Db. If we don't complain, our problems won't be resolved!

Again, I will be emailing everyone who might be in the least bit interested in reading about my experiences. I will provide the cruise line name and ship name upon personal request. You can do whatever you want with that information.

Just call me,

The Grumpy Guy

Bob Thompson

PS. the most fun I've had on this cruise is folding paper airplanes and tossing them across the elevator shaft. Also, writing this email has been somewhat satisfying, but it doesn't make up for being laughed at when I complained.


Desired outcome: I would like a full refund for all the tickets and shipboard purchases and a n apology, personal, not canned. Email apologies will not be accepted. I expect that all I will be offered, will be a discount on some future cruise.

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6:38 pm EDT
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Celebrity Cruises price change for aug. 31 cruise

I left a comment on Feb.28,2022 about bait and switch. All your advertising since nov.30,2020 states all included, but the lower price didn't. Our agent at Chas e untimate rewards was able to get us back some money, not all, but better. we are waiting for our room assignment.may you can tell us where we will be?Booking number 2165990 [protected]@gmail thank you

Desired outcome: A nice room would be appreciated.

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12:20 pm EDT
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Celebrity Cruises Eclipse, Honolulu, Booking No. 2921299, [protected]-2022. Unavailability of shore excursions.

Upon embarkation through debarkation all excursions were completely full. After 2 days of waiting in line at the excursion desk checking for cancellations , we demanded to see management. Management was only able to provide us with one out of the 4 excursions we wanted to take. Celebrity only provided one bus for that particular excursion ( volcano & rain forest) for a population of guests of approximately 1600. If guests were unable to enjoy an excursion, Celebrity would provide them a complimentary shuttle to a Walmart! Yes! Walmart! A premium cruise line offers an excursion to Walmart! We have cruised around 25 times for approximately 30 years. Three times this past year( one with Royal and one with Celebrity [Summit out of Saint Maartin). After our “Wow” experience onboard the Summit, we thought Celebrity would be our go to cruise line. We can’t begin to tell you how disappointed we’re are that we spent a great deal of money coming from Florida to Honolulu only to be able to take just one excursion on an 11 night cruise. This cruise was unacceptable

Desired outcome: We feel that receiving $100 onboard missed port credit as well as a $480 per person one year future cruise credit with many stipulations not enough compensation for the stress and dissatisfaction we’ve been through.

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4:09 pm EDT

Celebrity Cruises Lack of action promised by celebrity engagement center time i've spent trying to get this resolved.

am so upset. My wife was killed in a car accident on 2/12/22. I contacted Celebrity on 2/14 to cancel our upcoming cruise. I have spent hours on the phone with various customer service people trying to get my wife's FCC's transferred to my name as I was instructed to do on 3/16, but was told to first reach out to the Engagement Center for them to transfer my wife's into my name, which I did on 3/17. They then asked for a death certificate which I sent the same day. I heard nothing until I rec'd this email: Celebrity Summit / 11-Sep-2022 / 2362796 / 1-[protected]

You replied on Tue 4/26/2022 11:45 AM

You replied on Tue 4/26/2022 11:45 AM


Tue 4/12/2022 8:04 PM

Dear Mrs. Garbati:

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I’m happy to confirm that we have all the information we need and will be transferring the Future Cruise Credit (FCC) originally belonging to Amy Garbati. As the new owner, you, Nancy Garbati will have until December 31, 2022, or one year from the original sailing date (whichever is later) to both apply the credit and sail.

We look forward to having Mrs. Nancy Garbati sail with us! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our Engagement Center at [protected].

We are always happy to help.


Andre Atkinson

I then got nothing and heard nothing. So today I sat on the phone for another hour and spoke with Sherri at 9:30 am who said she was on the phone and it was being processed and she would email it to me when it was finished, but that I'd get it today. As of now 4 pm. nothing. I called again, but was on hold for over 1 hour with no one picking up. I had to leave. I then went on the CC facebook page and wrote a review similar to this, but they deleted it. This is a hard enough time for me with the death of my wife, and they have made it so much more difficult. I can't believe they are owned by RCCL as I had a wonderful experience with RCCL. If they think I'm giving up they are wrong, as my wife would not want me to.

Desired outcome: I want the FCC's transfered to my name as advised they would be in the 4/12/22 email above.

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Burlingame, US
Sep 19, 2022 2:00 pm EDT
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My husband and I were on a 10 day cruise 8/8 to 8/18. Unfortunately I got Covid and we were quarantined from 8/13 to 8/19.

According to the Celebrity Cruises refund and Cancellation Policy for Covid 19 it’ seems we should get a prorated FCC.

I have been on hold for hrs with celebrity. Are not picking up.

I have sent e mails to them. No response other than auto response.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

2:19 pm EDT

Celebrity Cruises Dining room food

Hi, we recently cruised on the Equinox. Service was very good in the main dining room but quality of the food was not up to standards. The worst thing is my granddaughter found a hair on her food, which is not acceptable. The waiter changed her plate but it would have more meaning if the chef had apoligized to us.

I don't remember the exact date, between April 3-April 15th.

Our sitting was at 6:00 pm table 534 or 535.

I don't often complain but this shouldn't happen on a cruise ship.

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10:19 am EDT
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Celebrity Cruises no celebrity cruise support when flights cancelled

We had booked 12 night ultimate southern Caribbean package - Ref 8360735

Flying from Heathrow to Miami via Newark 2/04/2022 after our original cruise with Celebrity to Japan on the Solstice had been cancelled ref 4530367.

However in Newark our flight to Miami was cancelled by American Airlines.

We tried to contacting Celebrity on all of the numbers given on our booking form and could not get through on any of the numbers.

Left stranded we went back to American Airlines to see how we could get to Fort Lauderdale in time our only option available to us was to get a cab to LaGuardia airport to catch a flight to Cleveland, stay over night at the airport and catch an early morning flight to Fort Lauderdale however

Jet Blue flight B6 657 was cancelled

Tried again to contact Celebrity with now result

We then flew to Philadelphia flight AA 5471 to catch flight AA5385 to Palm Beach only to be told in Philadelphia there was only 1 seat left on the connecting flight.

We then had to go on standby and manage to catch flight AA 1392 to Fort Lauderdale.

So we never actual had any of the transfers or the hotel in Miami we had paid for.

After this traumatic we then found that our bags had not arrived and we were forced catch a cab to the ship with just the cloths on our backs that we had been wearing for the last 2 days.

We finally managed to board exhausted and went straight to guest relations and to be honest we did not get a great deal of help at that time.

Having no cloths or even toiletries we were forced to go the the Equinox shop to buy just something to wear and the basic toiletries which resulted in us have to pay out over $460 (receipts attached).

Having gone through all this we went to go to the main dinning room only to be told that shorts were not allowed in the dinning room at this point my wife broke down in tears and we walked away like 2nd class citizens. For the nights we were at sea we had to eat in the ocean view restaurant as could face the humiliation to be turned away again from the main restaurant let alone be able to book any of the themed restaurants.

Before landing at St Croix we went back to guest relations and again support from there was very minimal and I basically had to beg just to get some toiletries.

On docking rather than going exploring the island we had to go cloths shopping spending another $474 ( receipts attached) and not seeing any of the island.

Later that night after having our evening meal we returned to find that our cases had been delivered to our room and at this point both myself and wife started to cry.

Just when we thought we had all the bad news we could take I then receive an email saying the Best of Japan cruise that had been moved to 2023 had now been cancelled and moved to 2024.

I feel that Celebrity have let me down at virtually every point on my holiday and that we were not only left to abandoned with now support trying to get to the ship and made to feel like 2nd class citizens when we got on board due to our lack of clothing

Desired outcome: Contribution to additional monies paid out and future credit for my now 2024 cruise to JapanRefund for Transfers and hotel accommodation not used.

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3:52 pm EDT

Celebrity Cruises Missed cruise due to last minute flight cancellation

I was booked on a 12day Caribbean Cruise March 13-25. On the way to the airport, Delta texted me that my flight had been cancelled. No other airline in Boston had available seats to Fort Lauderdale.

I called Celebrity twice but was told that they would not allow me to board the cruise at any of the ports due to Covid restrictions. But passengers do disembark at each port. And any one of them could come into contact with Covid. So I don't understand why I was not allowed to board mid cruise, even if I were willing to get another covid test at the airport. This makes no sense.

And I missed spending a cruise with several friends, and a cabin mate who had never cruised before. And I had talked him into the cruise. To make matters worse, he informed me that we had been upgraded to a balcony cabin!

I think Celebrity's refusal to let me join the cruise was unjustified. It was not my fault that Delta cancelled my flight at the last minute.

Desired outcome: At least a voucher for a future cruise (though I would be travelling alone)

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8:32 pm EDT
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Celebrity Cruises Use of existing credit voucher on a new cruise

We booked a cruise on 16th March 2020 reservation ID 632208 on Celebrity Reflection departing from Dublin Ireland 10 night cruise on 18th May 2020, as this cruise was cancelled due to Covid Pandemic we have a credit of 330 with Celebrity Cruise Company which was our deposit for the cancelled cruise.

We have recently booked a cruise on Celebrity APEX Reservation ID 51845 with Vacations to go for a 10 night cruise from Amsterdam Netherlands from 1st September 2022.

I would like to know if it is possible to have on board credit for the Amsterdam Cruise or some meal vouchers to the same value as 330 which was our credit for the cancelled cruise above.

We have completed 9 cruises with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean over the years and would appreciate a positive response to our request

Celebrity Captains Club numbers...[protected] and [protected]

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor numbers... [protected] and [protected]

Michael and Caroline O'Brien

2 Rosebrooke

Fr. Russell Road



Kind Regards

Mike O'Brien

Desired outcome: To get credit or meal vouchers for the speciality dining on our next cruise with Celebrity

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5:33 am EDT

Celebrity Cruises 7 Requests for Win\Loss Tax Document W2G - Site never respond

ID # [protected]

Name Kevin Pardew

Cruise Request W2G Win Loss tax forms 2021

I have registered now 7 tmes on the Celbrity Win Loss request site, without one response and nor a confirmation.

Please send the W2G requested immediately to avoid issues with IRS, as I will report that Celbrity has not responded with proof of requests.

Desired outcome: Send W2G Forms as requested to [protected] or ID on file for # [protected]

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1:51 pm EST

Celebrity Cruises Future cruise credit when I cancelled before full payment due

I booked cruise on Apex for April 23, my reservation number was 3832615.

My husband had a stroke due to Covid on Jaunary 18th and I have needed hospital information if needed.

I received an email that my final payment was not due until 2/22/2022 instead of the previous time. I had however already paid except for my airfare. I did not know how long it would take for my husband to recover so I cancelled the cruse with the understanding I had cancelled before the final payment deadline of 2/23/2022. Which I did, I cancelled on 2/6/22 before the final payment deadline however, I received a future cruise credit of only $900.00 ($450.00 per person)

I wanted to rebook this same cruise as my husband has recovered and my sister and I can now go on the trip.

I would like to rebook the same cruise with the same accommodations in the Retreat please. But I believe I should have been issued a full credit since I cancelled before final payment was due

Desired outcome: I would like my cruise reinstated on the Apex with the same accommodations with no penalty as I cancelled before the final payment was due, I appreciate your time and cooperation in this matter. ThanksTammy Sullivan336-671-5313

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6:56 pm EST
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Celebrity Cruises Too many to list. Latest lie about FCC. Lost reservation. Missing money.

June 2020 our 20 year anniversary. Alaska cruise canceled for COVID. Offered FCC 125 percent deal. We took it. Offered 125 percent deal on excursions. We took it. Planned to take Alaska cruise in 2021. All good we thought.

2021 no cruises to Alaska. Ok. Not their fault. FCC expires end of September 2021. So we use FCC for Caribbean cruise that we did not want but FCC was going to expire. Not through Celebrity, we planned entire Florida trip around cruise. Then Celebrity changes sailing dates. Cruise comes back one day later. This would miss our flight. Celebrity sends out a new FCC plus 125 if we can’t make it work. We take it.

The real problems starts here. First I had to hound Celebrity to get these FCC credits sent. Finally received FCC credit weeks after sailing happened. Yes, that means multiple days of being on hold and asking for a supervisor until they did what they said they would do when they altered the cruise itinerary. Finally, receive email from [protected] with my FCC. Of course my vacation that was around the sailing was screwed by me having to hound them. We thought they just would steal our money. Of course, they care zero. Now on to the new round of getting screwed.

New FCC was being used for Alaska cruise this summer. Our 22nd anniversary. We followed all hoops to jump through and got the room we wanted on the date we wanted. Sent in FCC online in ordering portal. Received back email that they are processing out FCC codes. Cool. A few days later I log on to account, we have our room, $800 in cruise credit, and we are checking out our excursion options. All good. Nope. A month later we see on news that Crystal cruise has changed there port of return in Florida because a warrant is out for the ship for non payment of fuel. We get worried and check our Celebrity account. Our reservation has been cancelled. What? Why? So I call the number. Lady on other end of line says we were cancelled for not paying deposit. I let her know that that was only one day after using FCC to make reservation and according to website FCC is used to pay that amount. In addition, I have already been on our log in and it showed our room, money for excursions, and amount owed by March for some Taxes or other BS. She has zero clue after that. All she can say is computer says…. So, I finally get here to transfer me to a specialist of some sort. I explain all that has happened before and ask her to figure out what is the issue. She is super nice and will get her supervisor involved because if I was logged in and saw our reservation and excursions then some magical computer problem must be occurring and that is a serious issue. She guaranteed me I would get a call or email in the next 2 - 7 days. Made a big deal about getting my number and email address. 14 days later, absolutely nothing.

I am convinced Celebrity cruise line is damn near if not already bankrupt and are just going to screw anyone who has money with them. Shockingly bad service. Shocked at their willingness to lie. Zero honor.

My warning to anyone who is looking at a Celebrity Cruise - DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY INTO WHAT I BELIEVE IS A SINKING SHIP.

Desired outcome: All we want is to get our Alaska cruise. Pay us the 125 percent Celebrity Future Cruise Credit, promised (twice). I want to know where our excursion money went from the first cruise.

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3:31 pm EST
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Celebrity Cruises Booking and payment errors

Dear Celebrity Cruises,

We are emailing to voice our concerns over a recent booking nightmare we experienced with Celebrity. Listed in point form are the issues we had to deal with.

- Booked a cruise on a previous sailing (booking #2292394) for Jan. 4, 2022

- Cruise paid in full by Visa in October 2021

- Visa statement arrived and we were double billed for the price of the cruise

- Contacted Celebrity about billing error and was advised to contact Visa

- Contacted Visa and on next statement found credit for 2nd cruise amount

- Performed online check in and awaited issue of cruise luggage tags

- December 2021 received email from Celebrity that was Booking Cancellation Confirmation

- Contacted Celebrity and was told booking cancelled for non-payment

- Had Celebrity re-instate booking but they had to issue new booking number (#1950632) and was told all items from cancelled booking would be the same

- Celebrity had returned all monies to Visa and now required payment again

- Instructed Visa to return payment to Wells Fargo for Celebrity

- Celebrity allowing til Dec. 17 for payment to be received and applied

- Contacted Celebrity on Dec 16 for status update

- Was advised that payment not yet received but Celebrity would call us Dec 17

- No call from Celebrity. I contacted Celebrity and Resolution Dept. extended payment deadline Date to Dec. 20

- Contacted Celebrity on Dec. 20. Resolution Dept. advised that payment was received

- now working with Resolution Dept. to have items ommited from cancelled booking re-instated to current booking. Original confirmed 6:00 pm dining was changed to now be 8:30. Could not be changed back to 6:00 pm due to being cancelled. Had to be wait listed for 6:00 pm. Original pier check in time of 11:30 am was changed to 1:30 pm and could not be changed back. Was able to have $500 US on board credit re-instated that disappeared from cancelled booking.

- while on cruise very hesitantly booked a future cruise for 2 staterooms Jan. 2, 2023 (booking #937554 and #946978)

- Returned home from cruise to an email from Celebrity awarding us Future Cruise Credits (FCC Certificate 1-P4GGH7Z for $480 and FCC Certificate 1-P4GGH8O for $480)

- Called Celebrity to have FCC applied to bookings 937554 and 946978 but was informed that these Future Cruise Credits were non-existant therefor nothing could be applied towards our bookings. This baffles me. If 2 FCC were non-existant, why did Celebrity email them to us?

We have been on 15 cruises, with the majority of them being with Celebrity. We have never had issues with booking until this nightmare. It was quite annoying, frustrating and very time consuming. I spent over 20 hours trying to get everything resolved and was not successful in some of the issues. Any future occurances that mirror this experience will no doubt make us rethink booking with Celebrity Cruises again.

Robert and Wendy Campbell

Desired outcome: We would most definitely appreciate our "non-existant Future Cruise Credits" to become real to be applied to our future bookings for the time and troubles experienced.

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8:22 am EST

Celebrity Cruises FCC not being honoured

After several emails and phone call to customer services we have not had a satisfactory answer. We booked our first cruise on the Celebrity Edge June 2020 to celebrate my husbands 60 th but due to COVID this cruise was cancelled we had a FCC credit for the deposit we then re booked the same cruise the following Year 2021 using our FCC voucher unfortunately again due to COVID this cruise was cancelled. We are now booking another cruise on the Celebrity Edge with friends for our joint 60 th and 40 th wedding anniversary but although we are booking before April 2022 as stated on the FCC vouchers because the cruise is not until 2023 Celebrity are refusing to honour credit vouchers. They say they run out this December 2022 which we are not happy about as they cancelled our cruises and we only want to use the FCC towards another cruise with them.

Desired outcome: FCC vouchers extended towards cruise 2023

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12:36 pm EST
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Celebrity Cruises ship in general/refund for covid confinment

returned from Celebrity Edge on Jan 9 2022. My wife was in Quarentin for 4 days after testing for Covid I was also isolated for 24 hrs. We both were given letters stating we would be refunded for our time although not told how this would happen. We sailed Jan 2 2022 reservation # 7598855. Kathy Schlecht was pretty much ignored in isolation. This cruise was by far my worst in 24 cruises I have taken. Ship was very boring. Shows were terrible. Can you help?

Bruce Holland 493 Lace Haven Ct Henderson, Nv 89012

Desired outcome: Refund

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Update by dutche7
Jan 12, 2022 12:38 pm EST

refund requested

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10:09 pm EST
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Celebrity Cruises Price change not honored by Celebrity

On 12/14/21 I booked a Celebrity cruise on the Apex departing on 1/15/21. My booking was for an Infinity Veranda with the Elevate package. Today on 12/19/21 I saw on Vacations to Go a much lower price. When I called them, Vacations to Go quote me a Concierge Level Infinity Veranda, one class higher than the one I booked, with the Elevate package for $614 less than what I paid. When I called Celebrity they offer me an onboard credit of $176 for the difference between what I paid and what is now quoted on their website. So be aware that their price warranty is not universal and their advertisement not completely truthful. I am extremely disappointed to say the least.

Desired outcome: I would like to see Celebrity honor price warranty for whatever third parties deals they make.

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1:42 pm EST
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Celebrity Cruises Return of $900.00 deposit for cancelled cruise

We booked a cruise for March 18, 2022 on the Silhouette going to the Southern Caribbean. OVC/Cruise Line who placed the reservation on Aug. 12, 2021 has already returned their portion of the cruise cost.
Celebrity owes us $900.00 down payment which was processed.
We called Celebrity several times and they are not able to look into the matter, because the cruise was not booked directly with them.
we have been on Celebrity cruises 16 times over the years and are now told that they cannot help us determine when the refund of $900.00 will be refunded to us. We cancelled the cruise within the allotted time, so there is no excuse for the delay in returning our deposit.
Needless to say, we are very disappointed with Celebrity.

Desired outcome: Speedy return of our $900.00 deposit is all we are requesting.

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Jerry Morgan
Fort Myers, US
Jan 06, 2022 7:38 pm EST

We were excited to book a trip with celebrity cruise lines in 2020 to the Caribbean and because of the Covid pandemic the cruise was postponed and eventually Cancel. We had put down a deposit on the cruise and we were encouraged by the cruise representative that if we paid full it would be a full refund if you cancel. But we decided just to leave the deposit knowing that there wasn’t a refund and hoping that we could rebook a future cruise. As the Pandemic drag on and the and after a year and a half you made the public aware that you were going to start sailing again . We were hoping to rebook but then you announced to sail with your cruise line there was a mandatory vaccination required . Because of health reasons we can’t be vaccinated and we called and spoke with representative and a supervisor and was told that you were not offering any refunds at this time. Now that you require a vaccination you have changed the terms of our agreement that was originally agreed-upon . The CDC has warned the public to avoid Cruise Ships . We feel that you should honor our request for a refund of $500.00 . If Cruise industry ever returns to where there is no vaccine mandate to sail we will be happy to sail on a celebrity cruise ship .

Gerald Morgan & Debra Brandsema

8:53 pm EST
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Celebrity Cruises Very Poor Customer Service Even Before Covid

When I thought it couldn't get worse Celebrity Cruises has taken it even lower. I waited on hold to book a group cruise a I was on hold for 2 hours and 51 minutes before I gave up. Debating if I want to even deal with Celebrity anymore. Love their cruises but is it worth it? I dread calling them for anything.

Let me list a few of my problems:
Extremely long wait times even before Covid

Celebrity agents are a mixed of knowledgeable and Unknowledgeable. Friendly and unfriendly...Hopefully you get lucky!

Celebrity never lets you rate your call. They don't seem to care if you had a good or bad experience.

Still waiting on a future cruise credit from a cruise that was canceled in May 2021.

Desired outcome: Improve your customer service

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2:49 pm EDT

Celebrity Cruises group dining

we have called several times and spent hours with your service people with no resolution. we have a group of 11 people that would like to have dinner together. We booked our cruise in June in which we tried to get our dinner arrangements completed, but are having all sorts of problems. Our reservations are as follows:
178369; 211262; 214590; 186017; 192819 and 4458305. We like to dine as a group at the following restaurants:
12/27- Noramndie 7pm
12/28- Cosmopolitan 7pm
12/29- Tuscan 7pm
12/30 Cyprus 7pm
12/31- Specialty restaurant Steakhouse 8pm
1/1- Normandie 7pm
1/2- Tuscan
ps: We have been on the phone for about 10 hours to resolve this

Desired outcome: to resolve our dining dilemma

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1:52 pm EDT

Celebrity Cruises 4075546 cancelling my cruise and not lifting to the following year

Dear celebrity
I have to say Today I am not happy as I have had to cancel our cruise which I waited for 2 years to do I have emailed rang and texted to see if someone could help me as we cannot fly out from the Uk which is very disappointing no help from celebrity as an incentive to book the same holiday as next September or even lift and shift the cruise to the same month next year as a NHS worker this is so disappointing for me as it is just what I needed
In fairness I think celebrity have been no help to me at all to try and sort this out for me the stress and anxiety has been disgraceful
I never even had a email reply of yourselves which is very disappointing
Now I was looking To go again but how I've been treated as s person has put me of, awful
no compassion towards my needs at all.
Sharon Martin
booking 4075546

Desired outcome: rebook same holiday for following year september 2022

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Celebrity Cruises In-depth Review

Overall Rating: Celebrity Cruises is a top-notch cruise line that offers a truly exceptional experience. From the moment you step onboard, you'll be treated to luxury, comfort, and outstanding service.

Cruise Destinations: Celebrity Cruises offers a wide range of destinations to choose from, including popular spots like the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and the Mediterranean. Whether you're looking for a tropical getaway or a cultural adventure, you'll find the perfect destination for your next cruise.

Ship Quality and Amenities: The ships in the Celebrity Cruises fleet are modern, elegant, and well-maintained. They offer a variety of amenities, including spacious cabins, luxurious spas, fitness centers, and multiple dining options. You'll feel like you're staying in a five-star hotel while at sea.

Onboard Activities and Entertainment: There is never a dull moment on a Celebrity Cruises ship. From live shows and musical performances to cooking demonstrations and wine tastings, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can also participate in a variety of activities, such as yoga classes, trivia contests, and dance lessons.

Dining Options and Quality: Celebrity Cruises is known for its exceptional dining options. From gourmet restaurants to casual cafes, there is a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. The quality of the food is outstanding, and the service is impeccable.

Customer Service and Staff: The staff on Celebrity Cruises ships are friendly, attentive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. From the moment you step onboard, you'll be treated like a VIP.

Pricing and Value for Money: While Celebrity Cruises may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, the value for money is undeniable. The level of service, quality of amenities, and overall experience make it worth every penny.

Booking Process and Ease of Use: The booking process with Celebrity Cruises is seamless and user-friendly. Their website is easy to navigate, and their customer service team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns.

Itinerary Planning and Flexibility: Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of itineraries to suit different preferences and interests. Whether you prefer a relaxing cruise or an action-packed adventure, you'll find an itinerary that meets your needs. They also offer flexibility in terms of onboard activities and dining options.

Safety and Security Measures: Celebrity Cruises prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers. They have strict protocols in place to ensure a safe and secure environment onboard their ships.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives: Celebrity Cruises is committed to environmental sustainability. They have implemented various initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, including using advanced wastewater treatment systems and implementing energy-efficient technologies.

Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities: Celebrity Cruises strives to provide a comfortable and accessible experience for individuals with disabilities. Their ships are equipped with accessible cabins, ramps, and elevators to ensure that everyone can enjoy their cruise.

Onshore Excursions and Port Experiences: Celebrity Cruises offers a wide range of onshore excursions and port experiences. Whether you want to explore historical landmarks, go on a thrilling adventure, or simply relax on a beautiful beach, there is an excursion for every interest.

Loyalty Program and Benefits: Celebrity Cruises offers a loyalty program that rewards frequent cruisers with exclusive benefits, such as priority boarding, onboard credits, and special discounts. It's a great way to enhance your cruise experience.

Communication and Information Provision: Celebrity Cruises provides clear and timely communication throughout the booking process and during the cruise. They keep passengers informed about itinerary changes, onboard activities, and any other important information.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards: Celebrity Cruises maintains high cleanliness and hygiene standards onboard their ships. They have rigorous cleaning protocols in place to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for passengers.

Onboard Health and Medical Facilities: Celebrity Cruises has well-equipped medical facilities onboard their ships, staffed by qualified medical professionals. They are prepared to handle any medical emergencies that may arise during the cruise.

Family-Friendly Features and Services: Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of family-friendly features and services, including dedicated kids' clubs, family-friendly dining options, and age-appropriate onboard activities. It's a great choice for a family vacation.

Special Events and Celebrations: Celebrity Cruises knows how to celebrate special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, they offer special packages and services to make your celebration unforgettable.

Complaint Resolution and Customer Satisfaction: Celebrity Cruises takes customer satisfaction seriously. If you have any complaints or concerns during your cruise, their dedicated customer service team will work to resolve them promptly and ensure that you have a positive experience.

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