Carnival Cruise Linesright denied by this company

Hi, my name is ellen varini, I am an au pair from brazil living in campbell - ca.
As an au pair, I am allowed to stay in the us for 24 months + 1 month (Grace period or travel month, as it is called). Being an au pair means that I come from another country to live with an american family and work for this family taking care of their children. I have the right of vacation, I have the right of days off, I pay taxes, I have drive license and I can take some classes, like continuing studying or languages classes (I can not go to college as an au pair because I don't have student visa). That being said, I would like to inform that I am allowed to go to the caribbean, bahamas, mexico, canada and adjacent islands once I have my valid passport and ds2019 form with me. Which I do!
Here is the problem: I started to plan my last week of vacation and I decided to buy a cruise with carnival cruise. The cruise would happen on april 1st-8th, I did everything right, I got at the port on time and I had all my documents with me, all of them were valid and should be sufficient. Once I got there, the person who talked to me had no idea what au pair is and started asking me and my friend (Also au pair) for documents that we didn't have because this person thought we were students and he didn't know the difference between au pair and student, so he didn't know the difference between the documents either. It took more than 30 minutes to them to understand that our documents were fine. Well, when I thought that this misunderstanding was solved, here is the bomb: they didn't allow me to go because my ds 2019 form were signed in june, and for some reason, the guy said that my document wasn't valid and I could be deported if I boarded the ship. My friend was allowed to go because she got her ds signed in march. It makes no sense, since the ds is valid for one year, not six months as they were saying! My ds is up to one year and it is valid until may 31st. It is written at the ds, it is there and, even I had told him thousands times, he denied my right to go on board assuming that I was illegal. I was not. I am not! I never felt this humiliated and mistreated. I cried so much. I felt the biggest sadness of my life when I was supposed to be the happiest person in the world going to the trip of my life. I worked very very hard to save all the money and they just took it all away from me because they think they know the rules when they don't. I asked my money back and they said no. I called many times and they always say that I can only write a review. They only answered one of many emails i've sent to them, saying that they can't give my money back when the reason I didn't board was governmental, but, governmentally I was allowed and perfectly fine to go, this is what they don't understand, and they don't care at all. They denied my right to go on this cruise and now they are denying my money back since it is their fault. Talking about money, I spent more than $615 paying the cruise and more than $430 with tickets from california to texas, where the ship would board from.
I don't know who to talk to and I only want my money back!
They never answer my emails and calling them is totally useless since they don't really want to make things right.
I am extremely disappointed and upset about all of this. I feel horrible every time I think about this, I feel violated. I just want my money back, I have this right. I hope they don't deny my rights again! I am still waiting an answer, but I am hopeless.

Apr 28, 2017

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