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Carnival Cruise Lines Glory / lack of proper medical service!

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Sailed on September 1st, 2007 for a 7 day cruise with my mother who is 68. One of the first things that happen before you disembark is a fire drill, which is totally understandable. Well, its hot in September and there were a lot of people engaging in this fire drill~to make a long story short, my mother fainted right outside Floor 5 by the casino. I immediately called over to the bartender in the casino area to have the paramedics (or nurse) on board for help. She was out cold. She could have had a stroke, heat stroke, or possibly died, and no one showed up to help! Again, frantic calls to the bartender, who probably didn't know any English just looks at me with the deer in the headlights look. Finally a man stopped and stayed with me and my mother until she regained conscientious. I practically had to BEG for a wheel chair to get my mom back into the room. So much was just wrong with this cruise and I will not get into detail, but please be forewarned, I would NEVER go on this cruise line again, and this was my second cruise with them. BUYER BEWARE!

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      28th of Sep, 2007
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    I have cruised over 100 times and have about 58 on Carnival going back to 1977. My last 12 cruises have been on Carnival on various ships in the Carnival brand fleet.

    With Carnival carrying over 3.3 million passengers a year and with it being the most popular cruise line in the industry, they didn't get that way by ignoring fainting passengers.

    The poster was obviously panicked at the time her mother fainted. She DID get assistance from "a man" whom she did not identify. There are no medical people standing around in the public areas just waiting for something to happen. When a passenger is in medical distress, aid is offered immediately by whomever arrives first...meanwhile, a call goes to the physician quarters which is usually on a lower deck. It takes time for a medic to arrive.

    Her mother obviously recovered but poster thought she needed a wheelchair. Again, wheelchairs aren't placed in corners around the ship; it takes time to get one to where the passenger is located.

    It is not unusual for older people standing in the hot air to feel faint or to faint (I AM an older people, by the way - almost 70). There are other times when a passenger has been drinking him or herself senseless for a couple of hours before the drill and will drop like a rock once forced to stand upright for 20 minutes.

    She said her cruise was awful and offered "Buyer Beware" at the end of the tale. She didn't elaborate on the awfulness but most cruisers are aware that Carnival has a vacation guarantee. If you are unhappy with your cruise experience before the ship reaches it's first international port, you can report it, be assisted off the ship at the next port and receive a full refund. She could have fled the "awfulness" if she wanted to.

    To end, I feel that there should be a forum for people to spout off if they are unhappy with a service. However, I also think that one should look around, recheck the situation and calmly and objectively tell the story. I have NEVER had a bad or even slightly bad experience on Carnival - after 58 cruises. Have there been hairly situations? Sure. Ships personnel have always come through.

    No cruise line is going to totally ignore a passenger, out cold, on the floor. Sorry, I don't buy the story.

    Oh, and - by the way, ALL ships crew that works in passenger areas and comes in contact with them,are required to speak and understand English.

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