Carnival Cruise Linescustomer service, cancelled my booking!!!

my ex girlfriend called in and cancelled my booking, without the passcode, but only because she knew my information.. I mean you would have to be a terrible girlfriend to start with if you didn't know my birthday and my name. so she cancelled it, and my name was the primary on the booking, with a passcode she didn't know... for the simple fact, I knew she was a crazy psycho. so now carnival tells me theres nothing they can do to help get me back on the ship for the rate that I waited forever to get. so now I have to pay more than double the total, double the deposit, and also not get the room that I picked.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Christiansburg, VAI picked this room because I have 3 other friends going in other rooms and we all had rooms side by side. so carnival did not offer any kind of sympathy to get me back on the ship and in good graces. So what are us 4 going to do... we are going to all cancel and take a cruise from someone else.. Its awful that we like carnival so much and this would have been our 8th total cruise with them, but because they cant seem to find any way to get me back on the ship at at LEAST the rate I paid prior to my booking getting cancelled without the permission from the primary guest, we will take our business elsewhere and for years to come.

May 04, 2017

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