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Charleston SC, United States

My husband and I decide to take a cruise out of Charleston after taking numerus cruised out of ports all over Florida. We thought this would be a convent way to take longer cruised from our home state. After booking this 5 day cruise we took off 3 days of work to go. We have always been able to get on the ships by noon and spend the day enjoying the ship. This was a big mistake we received an email that the ship was going to have a slight delay and that we should not arrive before 5PM. I’m sorry this is not a slight delay this is missing a day off my cruise. It was too late for me to not take the day off of work so I lost my pay for this. Then I get the call saying that Carnival will give us a $15 credit for the delay for lunch in Charleston this was an insult. I think this should have been more like a $150.00 credit for each of us for a missed day of the cruise.
The first problem started in the parking lot with the horrible line we ran into. After you pass through the gate you are stuck. They did not tell us the line would not move for 4 hours. We ended up sitting in the parking lot until almost 6:30 when it finally started to move. I know that the parking lot was not staffed by Carnival employees but Charleston Port workers. I will say this was the worst experience I have ever had with parking. The employees were rude and making us think we were stupid for getting in line. I live in Charleston and know my way around I knew that after sitting in the line for over an hours this was going to be a problem. I ask if I could walk out of the gate and go across the street to grab a sandwich but was told if I left I would not be able to re-enter. When the line finally started to move we were ask 3 times in the line to see boarding passes and passports this has never happened and any port we have ever sailed out of. Then after dropping off bags we were directed back out onto the street/ outside the gates! Did I also mention that these where the rudest workers we have ever dealt with so much for the southern hospitality? If this is what we are portraying as the friendliest city we are in trouble and I would vote no for more cruise ships.
After finally getting to the desk to check in they give me my card then handed my husband his and say welcome to your first cruise? I told the lady we had always traveled together and there must be a mistake I had registered us online as normal and had no problems. She tells us this will have to be fixed on board and to go to guest services. No problem we can do this on the cruise- another big mistake the lines for guest services where extremely long like an hours wait every day. We finally decide to take the time and stand there on the second day. The attendant was very nice and said everything was taken care of and that the extra water and drink coupons would be sent to the cabin. No they had to come from them so again back to stand in this very long line the next day.
I have cruised on many different ships and never made a complaint I know that not everything can be perfect. But for a ship that was just taken out of dry dock for updates I was very disappointed. They made sure that the first bath room that you saw on the cruise was clean and looked new. While the bathrooms on the deck had tiles that were missing and exposing beams with wires hanging down the other was closed so this was the only choice. As for the room it was clean but the bath room in our room did not get a good cleaning until the second day when I mentioned to the cabin attendant. I was very disappointed in the towels I sent several back due to very large dark stains making me wonder if they had been washed. Again he was very helpful and brought new towels.
As for the food on this cruise I was very disappointed. Most of the time the food was cold and very limited. Granted I don’t go on a cruise for the food I go for the relaxation so I have no expectation for food. I would like to say I have never been on a cruise that required me to pay for lobster on the elegant night. After the bad experience that we had getting on we decided to dress up and go to dinner only to find out we had to pay for my husband’s steak. Which by the way was over rated and over cooked. I decide I did not need lobster if I had to pay for it. But probably the worst was the coffee makers! Don’t put thousands of people on a boat in the middle of the ocean with coffee makers that don’t work! I was very disappointed in the staff to be told that there was a coffee bar on the ship but we would need to pay for our coffee! The next two mornings I decide to order room service just for the coffee.
Again I have never complained and have been a loyal Carnival cruiser for years but this was the worst experience I have ever had. We now have the time to cruise more but may decide that it’s time for a change if this matter is not considered to be important to Carnival. I normally rave on the experiences that we have and the fun with Carnival but I have been very quiet on this matter. Several people have ask how the trip out of Charleston was I have decided that now is not the time to comment. I was really hoping this would have been a better cruise considering we could jump on a ship out of a port 15 minutes from my house for a quick weekend away.

Thank you,
Cynthia Waterlander
Kenneth Waterlander
Cabin E253
Booking Number 4KX4N4
Carnival Ecstasy

Feb 3, 2017

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