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Carnival Cruise Lines / stay away!

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Captains and Staff captains, have the power. Italians can talk to the other managers or to crew however they want. They will be the ones that will have the whole power.
And their professionalism: let me tell u this, even when there is a simple electrical issue, they can not repair. Often, everybody suffer cause the repairings are made by contractors when the ship’s arriving in the homeport. If u will ask them they will say it is smthg to do with warranty and special stuff… and reality they have no clue. Last time the contractors were publicly laughing that it was just about pushing a button … and for 5 days the phones were not working.
The ships are made in Italy cause there is the place where the black –dirty money of carnival is washed. Between them, Italians … And the owner is happy 'cause everything’s going smooth.
The Fantasy ships were build due to drug transportation between Miami and Mexico, and everybody knows that… But officially can not be proved. Why?
Cause US gvnmt official institutions are hand in hand with CCL.
Mr. Arison will build some wing of an official building and will make some charity work and everything will be forgotten.
On the ship is the biggest issue, and neither Mr. Christofferson or Mr. Cahill will not find out the truth cause when they are arriving with the CCL Audits, everything is just sugar and pink, and lovely…
Even the stinky menu is changed to a better food, fresh stuff… After they are leaving the ships, everything’s going back to normal… bad food, expired sodas and beers given to Crew events and so on…
When they are onboard, everybody is so so so helpful, and when u are raising a question as I did, the captain, staff captain, Hotel directors, are watching u with threatening attitude … How dare we…??
Doctors onboard most of the time are more concerned about Formal Nights Disco and parties. Drinking as hell, most of them, and having good life onboard, giving Alka Seltzer and aspirin for everything. As said before, I was with my fiancée onboard Legend and exactly when we were waiting in front of the Infirmary, there was a cook who eventually died cause they give him aspirin… and the guy was having some heart problems. So he died. U think that somebody said anything and somebody find out about the real reason????
U know which one was the reaction? They made a raffle and send the money to his family and that’s it.. Nobody was punished. The Doctor is still onboard making lots of $ and butchering some other crew and guests.
And this is just one example. Many many other…
The Ship’s Bridge is also a place where things are not in order, anybody can go inside… If a guest comes with me .. I can let him in very easily.. So what anti terrorism prevention???? Let’s be serious..
The Bridge Officers except drinking their coffee and talking about girls, checking the internet… they don’t exactly working.
Ok, there are few good ones.. But very rare. Most of the times there is a 2nd or 3rd Officer with a cadet, on a shift, however very often both of them useless ones.
And many times coming from outside from some restaurants or disco, under alcohol influence. If somebody’s asking, no worries, they will cover themselves and each other…
The Guests when they are booking the cabins, very often they don’t get that particular cabin… it is already given, but this is the agreed travel agencies that carnival works with. And the guests are arriving onboard, they let them know, that they will not have the category they paid for, giving them coupons, cheap wines, and inviting them to meet the Captain… and guests are happy. 'Cause they don’t know, that it is on purpose.
The captains Party is made just to show off, everything is fake and the beverages given are not real ones or they are expired.. the guests don’t know that cause it is not given in bottles but in glasses .
Even the ketchup is not a real one… carnival is buying stuff in big drums and then night time some Waiters pouring them in bottles, without washing them in prior or anything… so when u are onboard and u are noticing that some food or ketchup tastes strange now u have the answer.
The food consumed by the guests it is far away from being safe and fresh. The cooks will bake them in that way, that will not be noticed, everything’s depending on Chef’s skills of combining the alternate spoiled, not fresh food… Or ingredients.
There are so many Public Health procedures, however at least if 20-30 % would be applied, everybody would be happy… But crew members don’t have time to do all this, and managers are too busy to gossip, and drinking their coffees.. so the middle and junior managers are reporting that everything is ok. And everybody’s happy .. even the Doctors which will need to cure the guests when arrived home.
If any accident occurs, do you think that there is followed a procedure??/ U know how it works? They make an announcement depending on the situation and whoever is close going there, and everybody’s beeped and phoned to go to that place… Most of crew with special duties don’t even know what and how to do.. So, u can imagine the chaos.
The Captain, Hotel Directors, and Staff Captains are having shorter contract, 4 – max 5 months, so after 3-4 weeks onboard they are inviting their families .. and there u have a family reunion onboard… where all waiters or stewards are playing with the little princesses (daughters of the snr officers) or some small prince who will get the special attention. And this is happening on all ships. They don’t need any badges and they can go and do whatever they want.
Who will have the guts to say anything… and if so, who will listen?
I've been for one week on Work Break, and the status I have signed off was B2 which couldn’t allow me to get back on the ship on C1 status unless will leave the USA (except Mexico and Canada) … U know what Carnival did?
They send me and my fiancee to a Miami based ship, worked for 5 days on a carnival ship that goes to Bahamas, and we got back on Pride ( Long Beach )… All this time they were blaming us for their amateurism. And again a psychological war.
Immigration Officers didn’t do anything, they just advised them not to do anymore.. But big question:
Do u think we were the only ones?? So how the US laws are followed by CCL ? And how US customs is punishing the illegal stuff? If u would be a single person u will need to pay for ur act, but it is not happening when it is about CCL…
When I resigned, they put me on the system as Leave of Absence, although I was resigning… but if I would go in Resign I would go straight to the airport and no time to go to the Head Office where I have been invited. And I am not the only one.
So carnival lied to the authorities. After 4 months, I went back in CCL, another mistake of my life, now that I think about better.
When Public Health is coming onboard, they are checking documents, logs and where they are checking real issues, they will say it is a pending issue and in process of maintenance…
And after that, the Captain and Hotel director will make the necessary protocol banquet and there we go…
Ships are going and going with all the deficiencies… And guests are coming onboard and facing same issues over and over…

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  • Mi
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I just wanted to say that I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as a Stateroom Stewardess. They say you can make so much and send it home, You don't have to pay for anything and you have so many days off and you see the world while you work. Its the best opportunity for young people ect ect. They tell you that you can earn a lot of money working for them. Then you go for the interview and get hired. Once you have paid your Medical, flight, visa, insurance and training fees. You leave your country and head over to the US.

    Once you get onboard they take your passport. Then you do a further month of training onboad, when that is over you can start.

    Now there is so much work that one person can not possibly do it alone therefor you are required to hire other staff from, lets say the kitchen or the boiler room or the laundry. I had to hire a morning helper for $180 a week and my evening helper cost me $150. Then if you need extra towels for your room you need to pay the laundry extra. If the guest takes the pool towel home or looses it somewhere onboard or elsewhere you pay $5o out of your pocket. I also had to pay the staff to tell me how many guests I will have the following week so I can start preparation and Carnival only pays their Stewards $75 per month. The rest you make from your tips, the little you have left from paying everybody else. And it so nice to make up 75 beds per session. I got up at 5 and went to bed at 11. 7 days a week for 6 months. Now I had 20 rooms to take care of. Each room can take up to 5 guests. Now imagine if all my rooms are full. I have to make a 100 beds in the morning and a 100 at night. And still vacuum the room and dust and pick up everybody's ### and dirty towels and condoms. And even used bloody menstrual pads. Can you believe it. And then the people don't even pay you. O don't forget the luggage I have to carry to my floor. 3500 guest have a lot of luggage and the stateroom stewards have to do the hauling up and down to get the cases.

    I hated working there. First of all they were not honest in telling me exactly what I was getting myself into. If I knew what sort of Mafia business it was I would have told them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

    Carnival cruise lines is evil. I feel so sorry for the people who stay there for years because they have families to take care of and would do anything. Today I suffer from chronic back pain from working for them. And the best part is I cant even sue them cause they are registered under Panama.

    [censored] Them

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