Carnival Cruise Lines / fraudulent practices

I booked my June 2008 cruise nearly a year in advance. At that point there were three to share our cabin. One had to cancel. I was told there would be a $250 penalty and agreed. Initially there was no charge for the fuel supplement, $70 per cabin. I was charged on March 31 even though on March 31, Carnival announced they would refund fuel charges for passengers booking prior to the announcement which came in November 2008.

I received receipts from my travel agent showing what was to be refunded which agreed with the figures I had anticipated. Somehow a refund of $971.53 became $621.33. Despite numerous calls to my travel agent and to Carnival, I was told I could not have it explained because I went through a travel agent. The travel agent tells me Carnival won't tell her anything 'It's just how Carnival does business'. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company.

Even a letter to the president of Carnival yielded 'Guest Relations Manager has discussed my inquiry'. The only thing the Guest Relations Manager discussed with me was that she could not discuss it with me. The travel agent says she doesn't know. Well, I know my $350.20 went somewhere. I guess I will file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's Office, regarding both the travel agent and Carnival. Accountability please!!!


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