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A Nov 14, 2017

My name is Amanda Duncan this is in regards to a cruise set to sail on November 25, 2017, Ship Name Carnival Glory, Booking Number 7MG1H6.
My husband and I originally planned to cancel our cruise due to pregnancy but found out on September 8, 2017 we had lost the baby. Due to the circumstances and extreme emotional strain of the loss we did not get around to canceling until September 11, 2017. My OBGYN advised us not to go on this cruise or any other cruise that has destinations where the Zika Virus is present because we plan on becoming pregnant again in the near future, as soon as I heal physically and emotionally from the loss of this pregnancy. She advised us that the virus can live inside of a man and be sexually transmitted for up to 6 months after exposure. She also advised us that if we were to become pregnant within the 6 months of exposure it can have very negative effects on the baby. Six months is far to long to wait to try to have another baby considering we are heart broken over this loss, putting off pregnancy for this long is just not an option for our family at this time. I have been informed by your customer service that a refund is not an option so I would like to have the money we put in to this cruise saved as a credit toward a cruise in the future. Attached is a copy of the doctors note from my OBGYN. Please contact me with any other information needed.

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