Captain D's / customer service

Wetumpka, AL location, United States

Events from our visit on February 1st at 8:00 PM. While taking my wife and son to the Wetumpka, AL location, I noticed as we entered the parking area there were 3 cars that had pulled forward and waiting on their orders. A 4th car at the window, and 2 cars waiting in the drive-thru to place their order. As we entered the store a customer was at the counter receiving her order and upon checking their order, they complained that the order and sides were not correct, but after being obviously frustrated they said nevermind and left with the order. While waiting to place our order and basically being ignored, you could hear and see who I assume was the manager telling from the kitchen to other employees about being feed-up and ready to walk out and didn't care about any damn body complaining. At that point a customer walks up from the dine in area and stating that they didn't receive their fries with the order. The cashier yells back to the kitchen 2 orders of fries are needed. The manager yells back from the kitchen "WHAT FOR". The cashier hands her the customer's receipt to the manager and you can hear the manager yelling there are no fries on this order and hands the receipt back to the cashier. The cashier hands the receipt back to the customer and says you got slaw not fries. The customers politely says no mam, I requested fries with both orders and the cashier says "No I have slaw on the receipt" and that's what you got. While still being ignored by every cashier, the customer at the counter turns towards me and says "Are you sure that you want to eat here?" I talk to the other customer and agree with him, that between the incorrect orders, the yelling, the arguments and an obvious delay in receiving orders I wouldn't be brave enough to stay and eat there and wished the other customer good luck. I noticed upon existing the store that two of the cars that had pulled forward were still waiting. I spoke with both vehicles and informed them that they needed to confirm their order before leaving, both individuals stated that they had been waiting for approximately 10 minutes. In summary, this is the worse atmosphere and customer service that have EVER seen and as I try and recall all of the events, I do not recall the manager in the kitchen wearing a hair net or gloves as they were cooking.

Feb 2, 2019

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