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My family and I went into this establishment to enjoy dinner when our food came out first I noticed that the baked potato was a very dark brown as if it had been sitting too long in the warmer so my husband took it up to the front and showed them the potato and asked for a new one. The lady in the drive thru called back they needed another potato. She stated they would bring it to the table when it was done. My husband come back to the table and we started to eat noticing that the mac and cheese was cold on all our plates and the chicken hard were hard. after about 10 minutes my husband went back to the front and asked about the potato we still had not recieved and she said it was almost done and at that time he had told her about the chicken and the mac and cheese. She then turned to the 3 employees in the back and yelled we had a bad potato our food is cold and apparently bad oh is there anything else sir? He stood there for a moment and she said the potato and he said yea and all three employees were standing over the potato laghing as they stirred it up! he said did yall do something to my potato and she said no we wouldnt do something like that and smiled. My husband brought it back to the table and told me dont eat ur potato we allowed the kids to continue to eat. That same lady came in the diningroom to clean the tables and walked up and said how was ur potato and we told her we werent eating it it had been handled before we got it and the first one was brown and she said they didnt know it was brown they dont see them and he told her it was cut open u can see that and the second one was stirred up. She threw her hands up and laghed at us. We were leaving a few minutes later planning to speak to a manager but we seen no one and got in our car pulled around the building to leave and there sat the manager, the lady that was so rude and the three that were in the kitchen sitting on a curb smoking. I have no idea whats any of there names cause I seen only one name tag and that was on the nice ypoung lady running the register up front(Danielle).

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  • Id
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    That sounds like a bad night. Did the little ones get enough to eat?

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  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2013
    captain Ds - on employee
    captain ds
    North Little Rock
    United States

    Yes i was waiting on my food lastnight when a crew member walked in talking about another employee working their im sorry but how the girl was talking sounded like a threat.she was telling the manager how she was going to fight the girl if she showed up at work since she had to come in.and she hopes her cousin kills the girl for having thier kids out in the cold im sorry but that is so disrespectful to come to work talking about someone like that i will never come back ever again that is just so sad that bullys like that are working at aplace like that

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