Capital One Platinum Mastercard / scammed into paying off balance early

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I have a platinum capital one card I wanted to use to rent a car because it provided insurance saving me $20 a day with the rental agency. At the airport while out of town I called the credit card company to pay down my balance enough in order to have the funds for the rental transaction. I was told the only way for it to go through immediately was to pay western union or moneygram and call them back with the transaction number, all other methods would be the next day. I was fine with this and found an airport terminal with a western union where I set up this transaction paying over $400. I called back with the number for it to go through to be told it would not go through for two more days. My account had been over balance for 28 days which could not be released. So the lie by the first agency was in order to trick me into paying off my entire balance when I could have just paid them $80 as my regular payment. They tricked me into spending all of my travel money on the card that was not unavailable to me. Also I had to pay for the rental car agencies scam insurance (i don't own a car and have private insurance) this cost me another $20 a day for the length of my trip adding up to another 200. I can't split the rental into different transactions and it must go on that scam of a card with capital one in order to get the insurance. The agents the second time around told me first it would be available tomorrow then realized they were again correct and it would be available in a few more days because of the cut off time and weekend. In response to stealing $600 dollars from me and ruining my vacation they gave me a $35 credit. If I had not been lied to in the first call I would have just had to pay the expensive insurance and be done with it. Now I have paid off a credit card and paid for the expensive insurance because they are scam artists.

Feb 25, 2013
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      Feb 25, 2013

    Sounds to me you are taking vacations you really can't afford. Best thing you could do for yourself is stay home till all your debts are paid off.

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