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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Purchased a battery in 2015 had this crv since new(2007). Less than 2 years later, this Canadian tire brand battery completely froze over the weekend. I removed the battery went to another Canadian tire store and was told it's not warranty because it's frozen, that I left a light on the car and this is the result. I never had a problem with the original battery for eight years and replaced it because of age not because of discharge. I also called the complaint center and their response was the same, that basically It's not their problem . I promise you all if I ever walk into another Canadian tire again may God strike me with a lightning bolt. I do NOT want to walk in a Walmart due to the fact of loosing Canadian loyalty but for this type of service, change is what will happen. To add to this story I am a auto technician at a reputable dealer and if I went to the service writer and told him that the customer has to wait until the battery thaws to test, my manager will write me up on the spot for not replacing the battery for the customer. This lack of customer service is appalling and I will not remain loyal to a company that treats their customers in this manner. I lost a day of work cause of this and it would have been two days if I had to wait for this battery to thaw for them to test and tell me it's defective. I'm sorry Canadian Tire but my service with you is over and done with. In the world we live in today it's all about customer service and do what ever it takes to keep your customers loyalty. It's a shame how Canadian tire can NOT uphold this value...

Jan 9, 2017

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