Canadian Tire / unacceptable customer service

Contact information:

Date of incident: Oct 20, 2018
Name of Canadian Tire employee: Liza (Automotive Dept.)
Description of incident: I came to their store at 9:15 am to purchase 4 winter tires. There were 2 people at the counter and nobody was on the line and I was entertained quickly. I paid my tires with my Canadian Tire Credit Card with no too many questions because I reviewed already what kind of winter tire that I want thru my home computer and I know what is the price already. I just spent 4 to 5 minutes in their counter. I asked the lady at the counter where I will pick-up the tires. She said, outside in front of the garage. I was told to wait outside and somebody will load it to my car soon. I went out and wait outside. The weather outside was 10 deg C., cloudy and chilly. I was standing outside and it was already 9:45am and started to rain with hail. I was wet already and decided to take my car and pull over near the front of the garage. It was already 10:10am when I decided to ask somebody to the counter that I am still waiting outside and nobody is assisting me. There was a long line already and I asked politely to the other person to follow up my order. " He said they are only 2 people working and told me to wait. And I say, why is that? After I paid my goods you ignore me? And besides, I am already wet and will be late to my appointment on something else? Why don't you finish first my order before entertain somebody? I was ahead of the line. I believed I need to report to your boss because of your unacceptable attitude. Instead of saying sorry both of you became arrogant to your customer? "

As I am doing this letter, I feel I will catch cold because of this issue.

The only thing I need to these 2 people is to re-train them how to treat their customers, apologetic and have good manners. That's all.

I am actually working on a hospitality business so I know what is should be to protect their business and respectable, and protect their job too.

Thank you,

Leonardo Santa Ana

Oct 20, 2018

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