Canadian Tire / tire installation

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Purchasing tires and having them installed was the only car service that I would consider using canadian tire for as they have overcharged and done very poor mechanical service in the past. On oct 9/2018 I ordered 4 winter tires for my sons car and was told that the tires would need to be delivered from another store in the city. This would not be a big deal as the next appointment available for the installation was oct 23/2018. I showed up on october 23 for my appointment and the tires were not there. The place was busy and the staff were all agitated and very unprofessional. The manager showed up from the back to field some complaints from unsatisfied customers. He then told me he would call me when tires would be in. Got a call 15 mins later and was told to drop off vehicle the next morning and would be put to front of line. Got a call that morning that one lug was cross threaded and would not come off. Bought 2 tires from them in june/2018 and they were the only shop to touch the tires. Was basically looked upon as a liar and told how good his staff is. Haha! Was told I would be charged for the end they didn't charge me for the repairs just made me pay for tires and installation and reinforced to me that I was a liar. Screw you canadian tire and james you don't know how to treat a customer and you know f all about tires. Change your name to canadian clowns. I'm done with you. Kal tire i'm yours now.

Oct 24, 2018

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