Canadian Tire / the canadian tire store is a scam

United States

Yesterday I purchased bird seed in a Canadian Tire Store that I normally do not shop at. I was in a different part of the city, driving an elderly lady to a doctor’s appointment, and stopped at the store by her house. There was not a lot of stock in the store, what was there was kept in plastic bins; I ended up buying item042-867-6 MM PRMM WBF 18K for $16.99. What I really wanted was out of stock. A kind store clerk helped me out to my car with the bag. This afternoon, my husband and I wrestled the bag from the car to the back of the house where the bird feeder is. We have a special container for the feed.

When we dumped out the new feed, it was rotten, smelled awful and is obviously unusable. My closest store, that I usually shop at will not allow me to get a replacement at their store. I am told I must return to the original store, which probably does not have the bird feed I want.

I had purchased a 17 foot step ladder at the Canadian Tire in Buckingham, Quebec. I took it home but could not open it, the small devices were jammed, i tried with some tools, but would not budge. I did not want to break it, so I took it back, they absolutely refused to take it back. It had only been one week since it was bought it was in its original package and I had the receipt, he said I had to take it back to the Canadian Tire store I had bought it from.

That little man was very rude and condescending. I will not go back to that store, there were 6 people in line and they saw the whole thing, they were all disgusted at this man’s attitude.


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