Canadian Tireservice, winter tire instalation

On Nov 20 2018, I was at Ajax store at 7 am waiting in line to get a new pare of snow tires for my minivan, the shop was already behind, turning away 4 people while I stood there, inv.[protected], I was given a ride home around 9:30 am and did not receive my van back till 14:49:27, paid, drove home and noticed that they had not put all my snow tires on the van they put 2 new on the front and left my reg. tires on the back, even after I had explained that the new tires were to be put on the rims and put on the front, the front tires on the back and the old ones in my hatch. So I went back, not 10 mins later. Waited @45 mins, invoice [protected], and they rotated the tires. Today (Friday Dec 7, I was rolling along Harwood going to the library in Ajax and the van started to clunk, pass. side, I stopped and put my hazards and visually checked all of my tires so did may daughter and looked under. The lugs were still attached, however now the van was bouncing with every rotation of the tire. I made it off the main road into Harwood plaza where the wheel shifted and the van stopped moving, being held on by only 1 lug nut. Blocking plaza traffic now, while directing traffic, unprepared for the cold and calling for a tow truck. The tow truck driver, my mach. and 2 of your people say that the terminals were sheared off, which I could clearly see, the rim bent and now invoice [protected]. I have discussed with others pictures of the wheel. Because of the rush of the job the work the may not have been checked or completed correctly. Fore while I was there another customer caught an incomplete tire job where your mach. did not check the tire pressure before handing the work order and keys back to the customer, the customer caught it and then it was done. I came to your store as a return customer for reliable service and am disappointed, yet glad to be alive. My van now is in your shop til, by Joe's account Tuesday. I am relaying my account to you so we can discuss a course of action. Dec. 8 at 6:13 p.m, this is the email I sent to the shop manager, which he denies receiving. So the shop manager tells me my rim was weak, and swears on his mothers grave that the proper procedures were followed, yet was there was not a check or sigh off on the work order of these procedures, he assumes "that with the 100+ cars that go thorough there a day", that all is always in order. So there is no procedure or obligation for them to warn me or anyone* that a rim may need to be replaced, or to follow up with proof that all work is inspected or good by the apprentices! Any reputable, responsible shop would extend this courtesy. The shop manager says he will give me a new free rim and charge me @ $300. to affix my tire, with his concern of why he gave away a free rim to his boss. He also said I "could go out and experiment to see if I could get the same result". I also told the manager about the other customer calling out tire pressure and replied that he would not fault his man, I also suggested that he should maybe review these standards with his staff, he said there was no need. The shop manager has pictures of the van apart and I also have 1 or 2 right after the tire fell. I had spoken to others to understand how this can happen and the answers I have received are all having to do with the amount of pressure on the terminals do to excessive or lack of pressure at the rotation of the 4 tires, which may have gone unseen til the final point of breakage. While I was also in the shop on Friday there was a general lack of concern for company tools and customers possessions as they were almost reversed over by staff in a customers car. To me the incidents I have stated show there may be cause to doubt the proficiency of the auto staff and managers at the Ajax location.

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    The manager will not give me the free if I do not get work done at his shop. I will be removing my vehicle and advise all my friends not to use their services!

Dec 10, 2018

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