Canadian Tireokotoks alberta canadian tire store dark and dingy, dirty

G Nov 25, 2017

In all my years of shopping at various CT stores, I have never seen a store more dislikable and poorly operated as the one in Okotoks. I gladly now go to either Calgary or High River IF I really need something unique to CT. This store is so poorly managed that I detest going there - even the staff agree when you can actually talk to them...they hate the conditions too.
The store lights have been turned down to half power and it is as dark as going in to an old Army and Navy store basement. The aisles are almost intimidating and unwelcome as little light gets in to the aisles. Its so dark that I can't even read the print on packages. They also play music so loud that it is extremely irritating. I don't go to a store to listen to some radio station; that's not what a store should be doing. Background music to subtly help encourage shopping is what it should be.
I have quit going there entirely but when I did, it was all I could do to get the heck out of there as fast as possible. The High River store, even though it is further away, is much much better stocked, staff receptive, bright, and staff are friendly, ...all the things that the Okotoks store is not. Eventually, this store will close because they can't see the forest, due to too many trees in their way.

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