Canadian Tire / noma led light bulbs

Riverview, NB, Canada

I purchased 4 led Noma lightbulbs last fall and all 4 have burnt out. They have only been used about 10% of their advertised lifespan . I have been warned not to buy any Noma brand lightbulbs by others for this reason. Apparently Canadian Tire owns Noma now . Noma is ruining Canadian Tires reputation
for quality. I would like a refund/ credit/ gift card / for $16.00 for 4 bulbs at
3.99 each. I will never buy another Noma product . I had previously bought
Noma led Christmas lights that didn't last 1 season. I had thought it was just a freak thing, but after checking online I discovered Noma has a serious quality issue.
Bruce Martin 8 Bridgeport Lane Riverview NB

Canadian Tire

Sep 19, 2017

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