Canadian Tirecustomer service by your employees

I recently visited the Canadian Tire store in Cowansville, Qc to purchase a pair of skates for my grandson. I found the skates that I wanted and proceeded to the department where they sharpen the skates. I also had my pair of skates that had to be sharpened. I placed my skates in the line as there were other skates to be sharpened ahead of me. The employee that was supposed to be sharpening skates was busy serving a gentleman that couldn't seem to decide on what pair of skates he wanted - another Canadian Tire employee came along and they chit chatted for a couple of minutes and he left and the original employee that was there continued standing there waiting for the customer to decide which skate he wanted. I understand, and I'm very patient with line ups in stores but I felt like this situation was a bit ridiculous - couldn't this employee have someone else help this customer so he could sharpen skates? So I went to the customer service desk and explained to the clerk what was going on - she asked if I wanted to see the manager or she could call the employee to the skate sharpening department, so I asked that she please call him. She paged him and he didn't even bother to call her. So after another 15 minutes of the same nonsense going on - I asked to speak to the manager. He told me that I should be patient because it was winter and everyone was getting their skates sharpened!! I'm very patient, but the employee wasn't even sharpening skates! The manager made me feel like I was in the wrong. They finally sharpened my skates and I paid for my purchases and left and I haven't been back to the Canadian Tire in Cowansville since then and I don't plan on ever returning again. Does that manager not realize that it's the customers purchasing goods at his store that's paying his salary? My few purchases every week may not be alot compared to the total sales of the store, but if everyone is treated like that and feels the same as I do - sales will definitely drop.

Feb 01, 2017

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