Canadian Tire / currently credit card

Brampton, ON, Canada

Hello my name is Jesspreet Grewal I am currently not happy with Canadian Tire services because back just this week my credit card was closed for no reason without any given reason right now my credit was 560 but after looking it its 543 which I did not close the account with an request if this issue is not resolved in a good business manner I will filing a lawsuit against your company because my goal is to pay off my loans and get excellent credit score of 700 but when I see something is I will not accept it at all. My credit card number is [protected] so please solve this issue ASAP. How I would like this situation resolved is have my account back up and running and have good relationship with Canadian Tire because if you want more business with customers and have us refer Canadian Tire than you should solve cases in nice manner since 2013 up until September 2016 I have always paid my account in full or made the minimum payment as required and never missed a single payment. Please contact me directly at [protected] thanks Jesspreet

Jan 31, 2017

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